CSVTU VI Sem EEE Advanced Microprocessors & Interfacing Syllabus

CSVTU VI Sem EEE Advanced Microprocessors & Interfacing Syllabus


Semester : VI,  Branch: EEE

Subject: Ad vanced Microproce ssors & Interfacing

Total The ory Periods: 4 0 Total Tutorial Periods: 1 2

Total Marks in En d Semester Examination: 80

Minimum nu mber of Class tests to be conducted: Two

Unit – I

Architecture & Instruction set for 8086

Unit – II

System Bus Structure

Unit – III

Architecture of Interfacing Devices:

Unit – IV

Architecture of 32 bit Microproces sors

Unit – V

Multiprocess or Architect ure & Programming


: Architecture and pin configuration of 8086, Instruction Format; Addressing

modes, Data Transfer Instruction; Arithmetic Instructions; Branching and Looping Instructions, NOP and Halt, Flag

Manipulation Instructions; Logical, Shift and Rotate Instruction. Byte and String Manipulation: String Instructions; REP

Prefix, Table Translation, Number Format conversions. Assembler Directives and Operators; Assembly Process;

Translation of assembler Instructions. Programming of microprocessor 8086

: Basic 8086/8088 system bus architecture, Minimum mode Configuration, Maximum mode

configuration; memory interfacing with 8086/8088 in minimum and maximum mode; System Bus Timings, Bus

Standards. Interrupts of microprocessor 8086

Programmable interrupt controller (PIC) 8259, Programmable DMA Controller

(8257). 8-bit ADC and DAC Programming for Interfacing of 8253/8254, 8251,

8279, ADC and DAC with 8086.

: Intel 80386 Architecture –Special 80386 Registers –Memory management

– interrupts and exceptions – management of tasks –Real, protected and virtual 8086 mode- Introduction to 80486

microprocessor – Architecture – Comparison with 80386 processor. Introduction to RISC and CISC Processor

: Numeric data Processor 8087; I/O Processor 8089, Communication

between CPU and I0P, Related Instructions; programming of 8087 numeric data processor.

1. Microcomputer Systems: 8086/8088 Family – Architecture, Programming, and Design; Y. Liu and G. A. Gibson,



Ed., PHI.

2. Microprocessor & Interfacing – D. Hall, TMH

1. The 8086 Microprocessor: Programming & Interfacing the PC, Kenneth J. Ayala, Penram International

Publishing (India).

2. The Intel 8086/8088 Microprocessor Architecture, Programming Design & Interfacing – B.S. Chhabra, Dhanpat

Rai Publishing Company.

3. The Intel Microprocessor 8086/8088, 80186/80188, 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium & Pentium Pro Processor:

Architecture, Programming & Interfacing – Brey & Sharma, Pearson Education.

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