CSVTU BE V Semester Electrical Engineering Control System Engineering Syllabus

CSVTU BE V Semester EE Control System Engineering Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 5th Branch: Electrical Engg.

Subject: Control System Engineering

UNIT I: Introduction to Control problem Industrial control examples, transfer function models of mechanical systems, transfer function models of electrical systems, transfer function models of thermal systems, transfer function models of hydraulic systems, systems with dead time, control hardware and their models, electro-pneumatic valves, pneumatic actuators, closed loop systems, block diagram and signal flow graph analysis, transfer function.

UNIT II: Basic Characteristics Of Feedback Control System

Stability, steady state accuracy, transient accuracy, disturbance rejection, insensitivity and robustness,

stability concept, relative stability, Routh stability criterion, time response of second order system, steady

state errors and error constants, performance specifications in time domain, root locus method of design,

controllers and compensators..

UNIT III: Time and Frequency Response Analysis

Root locus technique, Relationship between time domain and frequency response, polar plot, Bode plot,

stability in frequency domain, Nyquist plots, Nyquist stability criterion, performance specifications in

frequency domain, Nichol’s chart, effects of additional zero and additional poles.

UNIT IV: Introduction to design:

Compensator design (Cascade Lag, Cascade Lead, Cascade Lag-Lead) using root locus plots,

compensator design (Cascade Lag, Cascade Lead, Cascade Lag-Lead) using Bode plots.

UNIT V: State Variable Analysis

Concept of state, state variable, state variable formulation and their solution, state models for liner

continuous time functions, diagonalization of transfer function, solution of state equations, concept of

controllability and observability.

Text Books:

1. “

Control System: Principles And Design

”, M. Gopal, TMH Pbs.

2. “

Automatic Control System

”, Kuo, PHI Pbs.

Reference Books:


Modern Control Engineering

”, Ogata, PHI Pbs.



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”, Nagrath and Gopal, PHI Pbs.

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