CSVTU BE V Semester EEE Communication System Syllabus

CSVTU BE V Semester EEE Communication System Syllabus


Semester: B.E. V Branch: Electrical & ElectronicsElectrical Engg.

Subject: Communication System

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tut Periods: 12

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80

Minimum number of Class tests to be conducted: 2

UNIT I: Signal Analysis

Fourier series, Fourier transform, continuous spectrum, Fourier transform of some simple functions,

properties of Fourier transform, singularity functions, impulse function, Fourier transform of periodic signals,

convolution, sampling theorem, external noise, internal noise, noise calculation, addition of noise due to

several sources, noise in reactive circuits, noise figure, signal to noise ratio, noise temp, noise band width.

UNIT II: Amplitude Modulation

Need of amplitude modulation, Amplitude modulation, power relation. AM wave, generation of AM,

balanced modular signal side band technique, suppression of unwanted sideband, side band transmission,

demodulation, envelop detector, synchronous detector, noise in amplitude modulation system.

UNIT III: Angle Modulation

Mathematical equation of frequency modulation (FM), frequency spectrum, phase modulation (PM),

relationship between PM and FM, pre-emphasis and de-emphasis, adjacent channel interference,

comparison of narrow band and wide band FM, noise in angle modulation system, generation of FM,

reactance modulator, frequency division multiplexing.

UNIT IV: Transmitter Rectifiers

AM transmitter, SSB transmitters, AM receiver, super-heterodyne receiver, automatic gain control, SSB

receiver, FM transmitters, FM receivers.

UNIT V: Pulse Modulation System

Pulse width modulation, pulse position modulation (PPM), pulse code modulation, sampling, Quantization

of signals, time division multiplexing.

Text Books:

1. “

Electrical Communication Systems

”, Kennedy, TMH

2. “

An Introduction To Analog And Digital Communication

”, Haykins, Wiely Pbs

Reference Books:

1. Analog and digital communication, Roden, PHI pbs.

2. Communication engineering,Singh & Sapre PubTMH Pbs

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