CSVTU BE IV Semester Electrical Engineering Electrical Network Analysis And Synthesis Syllabus

CSVTU BE IV Sem EE Electrical Network Analysis And Synthesis Syllabus


Semester: IV Branch: Electrical

Subject: Electrical Network Analysis And Synthesis

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tut Periods: 12

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80

Minimum number of Class tests to be conducted: 2

UNIT I: Networks and Laplace Transform – I

Network equation, formulation of network equations, initial conditions in networks and

network solution with Laplace transformation, step, ramp and impulse functions, initial and

final value theorem and convolution integral.

UNIT II: Networks and Laplace Transform – II

Transform impedance and transform circuits, Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorem, duality,

Fourier transform, discrete and continuous spectrum, relation and Laplace transforms.

UNIT III: Network Functions

Network function for one-port and two-port, calculation of network function for ladder and

general networks, poles and zeros with restrictions for driving point functions and transform

functions, two-port parameters, stability by Routh-Harwitz criterion.

UNIT IV: Network Synthesis

Identification of network synthesis, Brune’s positive and real function (PRF), properties of

PRF, testing of driving point functions, even and odd function, one terminal pair network

driving point synthesis with LC elements, RC elements, Foster and Cauer form.

UNIT V: Filters

Low pass filters, high pass filters, band pass filters, band reject filters, Gain equalizer and

delay equalizers, Butterworth filters, m-derived filters, constant k-filters, design of filters.

Text Books:

1. “

Network Analysis”, Valkenburg, PHI Pbs.

2. Circuit theory, Kurikose-PHI Pbs.

Reference Books:

1. “

Introduction To Network Synthesis”, Valkenburg, PHI Pbs.

2. “Network Analysis And Synthesis”, Wadhwa, New Age Pbs.

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