CSVTU BE III Semester ET&T Programming with C Syllabus


Semester :B.E. 3 Sem. Branch: Electronics & Telecommunication

Subject:Programming with C

Unit – 1

Introduction to C Language :

history and development .C compilers. Data types, types of instructions,

input/output functions. Operators , precedence and associativity of operators. Type casting, Developing

simple programs , compilation , debugging and testing of programs. Relevance of C language.



Unit – II

Conditional constructs :

if statement , if-else statements , nested if-else ,forms of if. Conditional operator,

Switch case construct .Loop control structures ,nested loops,break and continue statements. goto statement.


Arrays : Syntax and definition, one and multidimensional arrays, readind and writing an array. Pointers and




Unit – III

Functions :


Declaring and defining functions ,storage classes ,call by value, introduction to pointer data

type ,call by reference, using library functions in programs, macro definitions. Preprocessor directives – #if,


#elif, #define etc. Passing arrays into functions. Recursion.


Unit – IV



reading and writing strings, passing a string into a function, using library functions to manipulate

strings. Array of strings.


Structures: Declaring and using structures. Array of structures, passing structures into function. Unions and


enums, Pointers to structures Bit fields.


Unit – V

File Handling :


reading and writing text files though C programs . File manipulating functions : fputc,

fgetc, fgets, fputs, fseek, ftell etc. Working with Binary files , fread and fwrite. Command line arguments.


Bitwise operators in C.


Name of Text Books:

1. Let us C – Yashwant Kanetkar BPB Publication

2. Programming in ANSI C – E. Balaguruswamy Tata Mc-Gcraw Hill

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