CSVTU BE Electrical Engineering Power Apparatus System Syllabus

CSVTU BE Electrical Engineering Power Apparatus System Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 7th Branch: Electrical Engg.

Subject: Power Apparatus System

 UNIT I: Transmission Line Design & Overhead Line Design  Types of Insulator, String Efficiency, Improvement of voltage distribution, Improvement of String Efficiency, Line Supports, Types of Steel Towers, Cross Arms, Equivalent span, Conductor configurations, Spacing & Clearance, Sag & Tension calculations, Erection conditions, Factors affecting Sag, Sag Template, Catenary, Vibration of conductors & prevention, Selection of conductor size, Cross arm, No. Of circuits, Selection of ground wire .

UNIT II: Electrical Substation & Earthing

Types of Substation, Layout and Bus Bar schemes, Voltage level, Substation equipments Protection & Control

Substation Earthing, Tolerance limits of body currents, Soil resistivity, Earth resistance, Tolerable & Actual Step

& Touch Voltages, Design of Earthing Grid, Tower Footing Resistance, Measurement of soil & earth resistivity

UNIT III: Power System Earthing


Ground versus isolated neutral, Solidly and effectively grounded system Resistance and Impedance Grounding,

Resonant Grounding, Reactance Grounding, Voltage Transformer Grounding, Zigzag Transformer Grounding,

Grounding practice, Effect of grounding on system over voltages & protection over voltage and over voltage

phenomenon in isolated and grounded neutral system.

UNIT IV: Surge Protection& Insulation Co-ordination:

External and Internal over voltages mechanism of lighting discharge, wave shapes of stroke current line design

based on direct stroke, over voltage protection, earth wire Rod gap T.F.R., Expulsion tube, surge diverter.

General idea, Selection of B.I.L., International recommendation, Selection of arrester rating, Co-ordination of

protector devices with apparatus insulation

UNIT V: Reliability of Transmission & Distribution Systems:

Definition, Outage, Bath Tub Curve, Two State Model, Failure & Repair Rate, Probability Density Function,

Probabilities of Survival & Failure, Mean Time to Failure, Mean Down Time,

Reliability of Series & Parallel Systems, Two-State Fluctuating Enviornment, Approximate Method, Reliability

Planning, Preparation of Reliability Models.


1. Power System Analysis & Design by B.R. Gupta –S.Chand

2. Sub Station Design and Equipment – Gupta & Satnam (Dhanpat Rai & Sons)

Reference books:

1. Transmission & Distribution – Westinghouse

2. A Course in Electrical Power – J.B. Gupta, Kataria

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