CSVTU B.E. VIII Semester Mechanical Engineering Environmental Pollution & Control Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: B.E. VIII Sem. Branch: Mechanical Engg.

Subject: Environmental Pollution & Control


Environmental Pollution – Introduction & Classification

Sources and classification of air pollutants, aerosols, primary and secondary air pollutants, effect of air

pollution on human health, effect of SO

2, CO2, NO2 H2

S and lead, economic effect of air pollution,

mechanism of deterioration in polluted atmosphere. Factors influencing atmospheric deterioration,

effect of air pollution on building materials, paints, textiles, rubber, leather, paper and electronic



Environmental Pollution – Sources

Air pollution due to automobiles, exhaust, Crankcase and evaporative emissions and their control,

effect of various parameters of I.C. engines on air pollution, photochemical air pollution, air pollution

from ferrous metallurgical operations and thermal power plants.


Chemistry of Pollution

Definition of pollutant concentrations, mass concentration, volume concentration, mass-volume

concentration and relationship between these concentrations, smoke and its control. Ningalmam smoke

chart, smoke prevention and control of air pollution by process change, elementary ideas of control of

gaseous contaminants for combustion and absorption.


Pollution Control

Control of air pollution by equipment, objectives of using control equipment, objectives of using control

equipment, settling chambers, inertial separators, cyclones, principle of electroscopic precipitators,

descriptive study of the above equipment only, merits and demerits of the equipment, choice of



Environmental Laws & Acts

Air pollution indices, definition of air pollution index, type and use of air pollution indices, criteria for a

standardized index, acid rain, causes of acid rain and its remedy, green house and its effect, air

pollution legislation and regulations, constitution of the Board, functions of the central board and state

boards, classification of pollution sources under Air Act 1981 and 1986.


1. Air Pollution – M.N. Rao and H.V.N. Rao

2. Air Pollution Central Theory – Martin Crawford.


1. Air Pollution Central Technology – R.W. Bethewaven Van Nostrans.

2. Air Pollution & Control – KVSG Murali Krishnan – Kaushal & Company

3. Air Pollution & Control Technologies – Y. Anjaneyulu – Allied Publishers

4. Water & Air Pollution & Environmental Protection Laws, Vol. – II – M.C. Mehta – Delhi Law House

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