CSVTU B.E. VIII Semester Mechanical Engineering DSEIS Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: VIII Branch: Common to all Branches

Subject:Decision Support and Executive Information System

Total Theory Periods: 50 Total Tut Periods: Nil.

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80.

Minimum number of class tests to be conducted: 02.

UNIT-I Decision Support System:

What is a DSS, Decision Making Rational Decisions, Definitions of Rationality, Bounded

Rationality and Muddling Through, The Nature of Managers, Appropriate Data Support,

Information Processing Models, Group Decision Making?

UNIT-II Component OF DSS:

Data Component : Information and its Usefulness, Characteristics of Information, Databases

to Support Decision Making, Database Management Systems, Data Warehouses, Data

Mining and Intelligent Agents

Model Component-:Models Representation Methodology, TimeModel Based

ManagementSystems, Access to Models Understandability of Results, Integrating Models

Sensitivity of aDecision,

Brainstorming and Alternative Generation, Evaluating Alternatives, Running External Models.

Mail Component: Integration of Mail Management Examples of Use implications for DSS.

Unit-III Intelligence and Decision Support Systems



Programming Reasoning, Backward Chaining Reasoning, Forward Chaining Reasoning,


Comparison, Certainty Factors,User-Interface Component:User Interface Components, The


Action Language, Menus, Command Language, I/O Structured Formats, Free Form Natural


Language, The Display or Presentation Language, Windowing Representations, Perceived


Ownership of Analyses, Graphs and Bias Support for All Phases of Decision Making, The


Knowledge Base Modes of Communication




Designing A DSS:Planning for DSS, Designing a Specific DSS, Interviewing

Techniques, OtherTechniques, Situational AnalysisDesign Approaches, Systems Built from




Using Technology to Form the Basis of the DSS, Evaluating a DSS Generator, Using a DSS


Generator,The Design Team, DSS Design and Re-engineering Discussion .




Implementation and Evaluation of DSS : Implementation Strategy , Prototypes,

Interviewing , User Involvement , Commitment to Change, Managing Change, Institutionalize


System, Implementation and System Evaluation, Technical Appropriateness, Measurement


Challenges , Organizational Appropriateness.


Name Of Text Books-:

Decision Support System By Vicki l Sauter

Management Information system-Gerald V. Post & David L. Anderson

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