CSVTU, B.E. VIII Semester, CIVIL Engineering, Water Resources Planning and Management Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 8th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Water Resources Planning and Management Code: 320879 (20)

Unit 1

Introduction Role of water in national development, assessment of water resources of country, scope of water resources development vis-a-vis environment, Irrigation development in India, utilisation of Irrigation potential.

Unit 2

Planning Water resources planning process; planning for single purpose and multipurpose projects, estimation of different water needs and project formulations, comparison of alternatives, cost-benefit analysis.

Unit 3

Water Resources Systems Definition, types of system, optimization techniques, system approach, system analysis, linear programming, formulation of a linear programming problem, formulation with different types of constraints, graphical analysis, graphical solution, simplex method, optimization techniques and systems approach.

Unit 4

Management Evaluation and monitoring of water quantity and quality, managing water distribution networks for irrigation, flood control and power generation, inter-basin transfer of water, conjunctive use of surface and ground water.

Unit 5

Modelling Water quantity and quality modelling, evaluation of impacts of water resources projects on river regimes and environment, reservoir sedimentation and watershed management.

Name of Text Books:

Principles of Water Resources Planning – Good Man, A.S., (Prentice Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1984.)

Water Resources Engineering – Linsley, R.K. and Franzini, J.B., (3rd Edition) (McGraw Hill, New York, 1979)

Name of Reference Books:

Water Resources System, Planning and Management – M.C. Chaturvedy (Tata McGraw Hill)

System Approach to Water Management – Biswas A.K. (Tata McGraw Hill)

Water Resources System, Planning and Management – Helweg O.J. (John and Wiley & Sons)

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