CSVTU, B.E. VIII Semester, CIVIL Engineering, Industrial Waste Treatment Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 8th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Industrial Waste Treatment Code: 320871 (20)

Unit 1

General Effect of discharge of industrial wastewaters on streams, land and environment, Importance and scope,

Problems involved in treatment, Variation in quality and quantity of industrial wastewaters. Standards & Criteria Indian standards for discharge of treated wastewaters onland, into municipal sewer and natural water courses. Sampling of Wastewaters Representative sample, Grab and composite samples.

Unit 2

Effluent Quality and Quantity Approaches to minimization – good house keeping, equalization and neutralization by mixing of different effluent streams; recycling of wastewater streams. Process modifications in terms of raw materials and chemicals used, Treatment of industrial wastes, Removal of dissolved and suspended solids, Organic waste treatment processes, Sludge treatment and handling.

Unit 3

General Approaches to Planning of Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Equalization and proportioning, Neutralization Treating different effluent streams separately Treating different streams jointly after mixing them partly or fully Including / excluding domestic wastewater along with the industrial waste Treating industrial wastewaters along with town waste.

Unit 4

General Approaches for Handling and Treatment of Specific Characteristics of Industrial Wastewaters Stream Water Quality, DO Sag Curve, etc. Approaches for treating wastes having shock loads, colours, toxic metal-ions, refractory substances, e.g., ABS and other detergents, growth inhibiting substances such as insecticides, high concentration of nutrients (N.P.K., etc.), oil and grease, suspended solids, BOD., hot wastes, wastes with acidity, alkalinity, etc.

Unit 5

Process Flow Diagrams, Characteristics and Treatment of Various Industrial Wastes Industrial wastes of pulp and paper, textile, tannery, food, canning, sugar mill, distillery, dairy, pharmaceutical, electroplating, etc. Industrial pollution abatement measures, referring to case studies in fertilizer industries, textile, petroleum refineries and distilleries.

Name of Text Books:

Introduction to Environmental Science – Y. Anjaneyulu (B.S. Publications)

Elements of Environmental Engineering – K.N. Duggal (S. Chand & Co., New Delhi)

Name of Reference Books:

The Treatment of Industrial Wastes – Besselieure, E.B. and Schwartz, M. (McGraw Hill Kogakusha Ltd., New

Delhi, 1969)

Industrial Water Pollution – Nemerow, N.L. (Ann Arbour, New York, 1978)

Waste Water Engineering – MetCalaff Eddy (Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi)

Environmental Engineering – G.N. Pandey & G.C. Karney (Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi)


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