CSVTU, B.E. VIII Semester, CIVIL Engineering, Prestressed Concrete Structures Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 8th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Prestressed Concrete Structures Code: 320875 (20)

Unit 1

Methods, Systems and Materials Basic principles, methods and systems of prestressing, external, internal, full, partial, pre-tensioning and posttensioning, quality of concrete and steel, I.S. Code provisions for allowable stresses, Advantages of prestressing and importance of high strength materials.

Unit 2

Analysis of Structures for Flexure Cases of axial and eccentric prestressing allowing suitable percentage loss of prestress. Stresses in concrete at various stages, lever arm concept and center of pressure, pressure line, kern distances, load balancing cable profiles, critical span (for solid slabs only), Efficiency of a section.

Unit 3

Losses of Prestressing Various types of losses of prestress and their calculation, loss due to friction, I.S. Code provisions, Elastic shortening due to successive tensioning of cables. Design of section for flexure I.S. Code provisions for cover and spacing, standard Fressinet and Gifford Udall cables, Design of beams and slabs, cable zones and profiles.

Unit 4

Composite Beams Different types, Loading conditions, analysis for stresses, differential shrinkage. Bond and Anchorage Bond stress and its significance in pre-tensioned beams, transmission length, determination of bursting force due to anchor zone stresses and provision of steel according to I.S. Code for prestressed concrete. Shear Calculation of diagonal tension and its inclination (including vertical prestressing also) provision of steel according to elastic method and I.S. Code method, advantages of prestressing.

Unit 5

Limit State Design Limit state of serviceability and strength, calculation of ultimate bending moment for given sections, advantages of limit state method over working stress method. Miscellaneous uses Analysis and design of poles and circularly prestressed pipes and tanks.

Name of Text Books:

Prestressed Concrete – Krishna Raju N. (New Age International)

Name of Reference Books:

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