CSVTU, B.E. VIII Semester, CIVIL Engineering, Air Pollution and Control Measures Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 8th Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Air Pollution and Control Measures Code: 320874 (20)

Unit 1

Air Pollution Problem, Definitions, Classification of pollutants, characteristics and sources. A.P. Monitoring

Measurement of stack gases, Sampling methods, Difficulties in sampling, sampling of SPM, stack sampling


Unit 2

Air pollution meterology, stability class condition, plume behaviour, topographical effects on air pollution, wind

profiles, wind roses. Gaussian plume models, assumptions and limitations of GPM, problem on modelling.

Unit 3

SOX sources, ambient concentrations, test methods, SOX control techniques, effects of SOX on human, animal health, plants and on materials. NOX sources, ambient concentrations, test method control techniques, effects of NOX on human health, animal health, plants and on materials. Particulate size distribution, collection and removal mechanics.

Unit 4

Major air pollution disaster episodes, special diseases caused by air pollution, symptoms of chronic air pollution. Mechanisms of deterioration in polluted atmospheres, effect of air pollution on art treasures in India.

Unit 5

Air quality criteria and emission standards, US and Indian standards, air pollution act, constitution, power and

functions of the boards.

Global effects of air pollution – Green house effect, acid rains, ozone layer depletion, etc.

Name of Text Books:

Environmental Engineering – Peavy & Rowe (Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi).

Environmental Science and Engineering – Henry and Heinke (Pearson Education).

Name of Reference Books:

Air Pollution – Henry C. Perkins, (McGraw Hill Kogakusha Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, 1974)

Air Pollution – Stern, Arthur C. (Academic Press, New York, USA, 1977)

Introduction to Environmental Science – Y. Anjaneyulu (B.S. Publications).

Waste Water Engineering – Metcalf Eddy (Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi).

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