CSVTU, B.E. VIII Semester, CIVIL Engineering, Advanced Environmental Engineering Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 8th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Advanced Environmental Engineering Code: 320872 (20)

 Unit 1

Concept of ecological principles, fundamental constituents of environment, Concept of productivity, Pollution

and environmental health, pollution cost, Monitoring of pollution, environmental pollution, strategy for a livable

environment, international institutions for environmental management.

Unit 2

Air Pollution, introduction, effect of air pollution on the environment, sources of air pollution and control,

biomedical aspects of air pollution, Meteorological aspects of air pollution, lapse rate, temperature inversion,

adverse effects of air pollution.

Sources and effects of air pollutants like CO, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, hydrocarbons, particulate


Unit 3

Water Pollution, What is water pollution, drinking water standards, quality of water for other uses, stream

pollution and self purification natural streams, Streeter-Phelps Water Quality Model.

Biological treatment, design of A.S.P., trickling filter, oxidation pond, sludge treatment and disposal, disposal

system and effluent discharge standards.

Unit 4

Air pollution monitoring, stack monitoring system, high volume sampler, air quality standards for ambient air,

mathematical modeling in air of pollution control, Box model, Gaussian Plume Model, air pollution from mobile

sources and their control.

Unit 5

Reclamation of waste water, radio active waste management, eutrophication of lakes, measurement and

detection of eutrophication, acid rain, global warning and green house effect, ozone depletion.

Indoor air pollution control measures, Occupational diseases and their impact on environment.

Name of Text Books:

Waster Water Engineering – S.K. Garg (Khanna Publication).

Waste Water Engineering – B.C. Punmia (Laxmi Publication, New Delhi)

Name of Reference Books:

(1) Environmental Engineering – Peavy & Rowe (Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi).

(2) Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering – G.S. Birdi (Dhanpat Rai Publications).

(3) Introduction to Environmental Science – Y. Anjaneyulu (B.S. Publications).

(4) Environmental Science and Engineering – Henry and Heinke (Pearson Education).

(5) Waste Water Engineering – Metcalf Eddy (Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi).


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