CSVTU B.E. VII Semester Computer Science Engineering Cryptography & Network Security Syllabus


Semester: VII Branch: Computer Science & Engg.

Subject: Cryptography & Network Security

Total Theory Periods: 50 Total Tut Periods: NIL

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80.

Minimum number of class tests to be conducted: 02.

UNIT-I Foundations of Cryptography and Security :-

Ciphers and Secret Message, Security Attacks and Services. Mathematical

Tools for Cryptography : Substitutions and Permutations, Modular Arithmetic,

Euclid’s Algorithm, Finite Fields, Polynomial Arithmetic. Design Principle of

Block ciphers: Theory of Block Cipher Design. Cipher Network Structures, DES

and Triple DES, Modes of Operation ( ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB) , Strength ( or

Not) Of DES

UNIT-II Block Cipher Algorithms:-

IDEA, CAST, Blowfish , Twofish , Rijndael (AES). Pseudo Random Numbers

and stream ciphers: Pseudo random sequences, Linear Congruential

Generators, Cryptographic Generators, Design of Stream Cipher , RC4, RC5 .

UNIT-III Public Key Cryptography:-

Prime Numbers and Testing for Primality, Factoring Large Numbers, Discrete

Logarithms RSA, Diffie- Hellman, ElGamal , Introduction of Elliptic acre

Cryptosystems Key Management , Key Exchange Algorithms, Public – Key

Cryptography Standards. Hashes and Message Digests: Message

Authentication, MD5, SHA-1, RIPEMD , HMAC

UNIT-IV Digital Signatures, Certificates, and Standards:-

Digital Signature Standard ( DSS and DSA ), Public key Infrastructure, Digital

Certivicates and Basics of PKCS Standards. Authentication: Kerberos V 4 and

V 5, X.509 Authentication Service. Electronic Mail Security : Pretty Good

Privacy ( PGP) , S /MIME, X.400 . IP and Web Security Protocols: IPSec and

Virtual Private Networks, Secure Sockets and Transport Layer ( SSL and TLS).

UNIT-V System Security: –

Computer Virus, Firewall and Design Principles, Reference: Chapter 18 , 19, &

20 of Cryptography and Network Security. Electronic Commerce Security:

Electronic Payment Systems, Secure Electronic Transaction ( SET), Protocols

(CyberCash, iKey) Ecash ( DigiCash ), Smart Card Based Systems.

Name of Text Books:

Cryptography and Network Security, William Stalling , PHI.

Name of Reference Books :-

Applied Cryptography: Protocols & Algorithms, Schneier & Bruce, MGH


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