CSVTU, B.E. VII Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Construction Equipments and Technique Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 7th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Construction Equipments and Techniques Code: 320754 (20)

Unit 1

Construction Equipments Fundamentals of earthwork operations – Earth moving operations -Types of Earthwork Equipment-Tractors, Motor Graders, Scrapers, Front end waders, Earth Movers. Equipment for Dredging, Trenching, Tunnelling, Drilling, Blasting-Equipment for compaction-Erection Equipment. Types of pumps used in construction – Equipment for Dewatering and Grouting -Foundation and Pile Driving Equipment. Forklifts and Related Equipment – Portable Material Bins – Conveyors – Hauling Equipment.

Unit 2

Equipment for Production of Aggregate and Concreting Crushers-Feeders-Screening Equipment-Handling Equipment-Batching and Mixing Equipment-Hauling, Pouring and Pumping Equipment-Transporters.

Unit 3

Sub-structure Construction Techniques Box jacking -Pipe Jacking-Under Water Construction of diaphragm walls and basement -Tunnelling techniques piling techniques-driving well and caisson-sinking cofferdam-cable anchoring and grouting-driving diaphragm walls, sheet piles-laying operations for built up offshore system-shoring for deep cutting-Large reservoir, construction with membranes and Earth system-well points-Dewatering and stand by Plant equipment for underground open excavation

Unit 4

Super Structure Construction Vacuum Dewatering of concrete flooring-Concrete paving technology-Techniques of construction for continuous concreting operation in Tall buildings of various shapes and Varying sections-Launching Techniques-Suspended from work-erection techniques of tall structures, Large span structures-Launchingtechniques for heavy decks in situ prestressing in high rise structures, aerial transporting handling erecting light weight components on tall structures-erection of latice tower as and rigging of transmission line


Unit 5

Repair Construction

Mud jacking grout through slab foundation-micropiling for strengthening floor and shallow profile-pipeline

laying protecting sheet piles, screw anchors-sub grade water proofing under pining advanced techniques and

sequence in demolition and dismantling.

Name of Text Books:

Construction Planning, Equipment and Methods (5th Edition) – Peurifoy, R.L., Ledbetter, W.B.and

Schexnayder, C. (McGraw Hill, Singapore, 1995)

Construction Equipment and Management – Sharma S.C. (Khanna Publishers New Delhi, 1988)

Name of Reference Books:

Construction Equipment and Job Planning – Deodhar, S.V. (Khanna Publishers, New Delhi, 1988)

Construction Equipment and its Planning and Application – Dr. Mahesh Varma (Metro-politan Book Company,

New Delhi-, 1983)

Practical foundation engineering hand book – Robertwade Brown (McGraw Hill Publications, 1995)

Construction Dewatering: New Methods and Applications – Patrick Powers. J. (John Wiley and Sons, 1992)

Advanced Construction Techniques – Jerry Irvine (CA Rocketr, 1984)

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