CSVTU, B.E. VII Semester, CIVIL Engineering, Fabrication and Erection of Structures Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 7th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Fabrication and Erection of Structures Code: 320753 (20)

Unit 1


Various slopes, size and properties of rolled steel sections, tubes and hollow rectangular sections: Chemical

composition, physical properties and weldability of various types of structures steel, their suitability for various

purposes. Planning, Estimating and costing

Scope, components of costing for fabrication and erection, Economy and cost control, various processes for

joining, forming, cutting and welding.

Fabrication Operations

Various operations like interpretation of drawings, shop-floor operations, fastenings, assembling, finishing and

shipping, sub-assemblies and main assemblies, fabrication of pipes and peristocks.

Inspection of fabrication

Code provisions for tolerances and deviations, Inspection of welds, radiographic and ultrasonic techniques.

Unit 2

Fabrication Drawings

Structural connections, their classification, symbols for their representation, layout of an industrial building,

preparation of fabrication drawing and detailing for columns, trusses, beams and cladding, detailing of trussjoints,

column bases, beam to beam and column to beam connection (Seated and framed).



At least three drawing sheets on above shall be prepared as class work. The examination paper shall

contain questions on above to be illustrated with sketches.


Unit 3

Erection (Part-I)

Principle of erection, Erection organisation, Preparation and reading of erection drawing, Assembly marks,

common types of structures to be erected, erection of tackle and false work equipments for lifting and rigging,

Code provisions for erection.

Methods of erection, levelling and alignment, setting out and grouting, allowable tolerances for plumbing,

levelling and alignment.

Tools and equipments for erection, various types of derricks, cranes and winches.

Unit 4

Erection (Part-II)

Miscellaneous small tools for erection like drifts, shakles and grips, erection of shed type buildings, portal

frames, multi-storeyed buildings, prefabricated tanks, towers and chimneys.

Unit 5

Inspection, Quality Control and Safety – Various stages of inspection, Quality control departments, prescribed

tolerances and deviations, methods of rectification of defects, Accidents and their causes, Various unsafe acts

and precautions for their prevention, Rules for safety for cranes, winches, etc. Safety during electrical

operations and while using X-ray equipments, Maintenance of erected structures, surface treatment against

corrosion, etc.

Name of Text Books:

Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection – S.K. Saxena and R.B. Asthane (Somaiya Publications, 172,

Mumbai Marathi Granth, Sangrahalaya Marg, Dadar, Bombay-14)

Name of Reference Books:

Structural Steel Drafting and Detailing – Shivagunde and Asthana (Somdiya Publications)

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