CSVTU, B.E. VI Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Instrumentation in Fluid Mechanics Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 6 th Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Instrumentation in Fluid Mechanics Code: 320639 (20)

Unit 1


Need for instrumentation in various fluid flow processes, types of measurements: pressure, velocity,

temperature, discharge, water levels, force, shear stress, basic principles of transducers, microprocessors and

data-acquisition systems, calibration of instruments.

Unit 2

Pressure Measurements

Manometers, capacitance and inductance transducers, non-contact probes.

Unit 3

Velocity measurements

Pitot tube, Pitosphere and Pitocylinder, current meter, Hot wire anemometer, Laser-Doppler anemometer.

Unit 4

Discharge Measurement

Venturimeter, orifice meter, bend meter, electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters, rotameer, weirs and

flumes, tracer techniques, Hot wire anemometer and thermistors.

Unit 5

Other Measurements

Water level recorders direct and indirect measurement of shear stress, force transducers, use of tracers in

dispersion and diffusion studies.

Name of Text Books:

Instrumentation: Devices and Systems – Rangan C.S., Sharma G.R. and Mani V.S.S. (Tata McGraw Hill

Publishing Company)

Name of Reference Books:

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