CSVTU, B.E. VI Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Advanced Strength of Materials Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 6th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Advanced Strength of Materials Code: 320634 (20)

Unit 1

Stresses and Strains in three dimensions, Theories of failure.

Unit 2

Beams on elastic foundations, infinite, semi-infinite and finite beams.

Unit 3

Bending of curved beams in the plane of loading-crane hooks and chain links.

Unit 4

Bending of curved beam out of its initial plane, Saint Venant’s equations and equations of equilibrium.

Bending of circular beams subjected to symmetric loading.

Unit 5

Torsion of non-circular members, St. Venant’s theory, Torsional stresses in elliptical, triangular shafts.

Approximate solutions for rectangular section, Membrane analogy, Torsion of hollow sections, Torsional

stresses in thin walled open and closed sections, Plastic, yielding of circular shafts.

Bending of thin plates, Assumptions of plate theory, GDE for deflection of plates, Boundary conditions.

Solutions for rectangular plates, Navier’s and Levy’s solutions, circular plates, Membrane theory of shells of

revolution and cylindrical shells.

Name of Text Books:

Name of Reference Books:

Boresi, A.P. and Sidebottom, O.M., “ Advanced Mechanics of Materials”, John Willey and Sons, 1985

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