CSVTU, B.E. VI Semester, CIVIL Engineering, Modern Surveying Techniques Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 6th  Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Modern Surveying Techniques Code: 320635 (20)

Unit 1

Modern Surveying Equipment

E.D.M. Instruments – Geodimeter, Tellurometer, Distomat, Total Station, Applications of Lasers in distance

and angular measurements, Introduction of Electronic navigation and Position Fixing – different systems and

their Characteristics.

Unit 2

Global Positioning System

Global Positioning System – working principle and methods, Different Approaches to use GPS and their

accuracies, Advantages of GPS in Navigation, Survey, Planning and Mapping.

Unit 3

Geographic Information System

Geographic Information System – data requirement and database creation; Use of field data, maps, aerial and

satellite data; Advantages of GIS.

Unit 4

GIS Analysis

Types of GIS analysis, map topology, map feature elements, queries, features in a topographic base map,

base map accuracy standards.

Unit 5

Surveying Mapping through Software

Introduction of ARC Info, ARC View, ARC Gms, Intergraph, MGE, Modular GIS Environment, Map Info and

Geomedia web map, etc.

Name of Text Books:

Surveying (Vol – I, II & III) – Arora, K.R. (Standard Book House, Delhi, 1993)

Elements of Photogrammetry – Wolf, P.R. (McGraw Hill Book Company, New Delhi,)

Name of Reference Books:

Solving Problems in Surveying – Bannister, A. and Baker, R. (Longman Scientific Technical, U.K., 1994)

Electronic Distance Measurement – Burnside, C.D. (Oxford, BSP Professional Books, London, 1991)

Engineering Surveying Technology – Kennie, T.J.M. and Petrie, G. (Blackie & Sons Ltd., London, 1990)

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