CSVTU, B.E. IV Semester, CIVIL Engineering, Fluid Mechanics – II Syllabus


Semester: IV Sem . Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Fluid Mechanics – II

Unit 1 Turbulent flow in pipe

Nature of turbulence, free and wall turbulence, turbulent flow in pipes, equation for velocity

distribution over smooth and rough surfaces, energy and momentum correction factor, Resistance

coefficient (Friction factor) and its variation, Colebrook-White equation, Moody’s diagram,

Explicit equation for friction factors, concept of equivalent length, pipes in series and parallel,

Analysis of pipe network (Hardy-Cross method).

Unit 2

Boundary layer Analysis

Boundary layer thickness, boundary layer over a flat plate, laminar boundary layer, turbulent

boundary layer, and laminar sub layer, Application of momentum equation, local and average

friction coefficient.

Fluid flow past submerged bodies

Drag and lift, drag on sphere, cylinder and disc, Magnus effect.

Unit 3 Non-uniform flow in open channel

Specific energy, critical flow, analysis of flow over hump and transition, broad crested weir,

equation of gradually varied flow, hydraulic jump and evaluation of its elements in rectangular


Unit 4 Compressibility effect in pipe flow

Transmission of pressure waves in rigid and elastic pipes, water hammer, and analysis of simple

Surge tank excluding friction.

Dimensional analysis and Hydraulic similitude

Dimensional analysis, Buckingham’s theorem, important dimensionless numbers and their

significances, geometric, kinematics and dynamic similarity, model study.

Unit 5

Hydraulic Machines

Turbines: Classification of turbines, draft tube, specific speed, unit quantities, and

characteristics curves of turbines, and governing of turbine.



Classification of pumps, types, efficiencies, specific speed, selection, cavitations,

characteristic curves.


Name of Text Books:

Fluid Mechanics and Machines – Dr. A.K. Jain (Khanna Publications)

Fluid Mechanics and Machines – Dr. R.K. Bansal (Laxmi Publications)

Name of Reference Books:

Fluid Mechanics – Dr. P.N. Modi (Standard Book House)

Mechanics of Fluid – Irving H. Shames (McGraw Hill)

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics – James A. Fay (Prentice Hall India)

Fluid Machines – Dr. Jagdish Lal (Metropolitan Book Company Private Ltd.)

Fluid Machines – John P. Douglas (Pearson Publication)

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