CSVTU, B.E. IV Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Surveying-II Syllabus


Semester: IV Sem. Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Surveying-II Code: 320413 (20)

Unit 1 Trilateration and Triangulation

Principle of Trilateration, EDM instrument and their uses, Reduction of

observation, Principle and classification of Triangulation System, Triangulation

chains, Strength of Figures, Station marks and Signals, Satellite station,

intersected and Resected points, field work- Reconnaissance, Intervisibillty of

station, Angular measurement, Base line measurement and its extension,

Adjustment of Field observation and computation of co-ordinates.

Unit 2 Adjustment Computations

Weighting of observations. Treatment of random errors, probability equation,

Normal law of error, Most Probable Value 7 measures of precision, Propagation

of errors and variances. Most probable value, Principle of Least square,

Observations and correlative Normal Equations. Adjustment triangulation figures

and level nets.

Unit 3 Tacheometery

Definitions, Principles of stadia systems. Instrument constants, Substance and

Tangential Systems. Construction and use of Reduction Tacheometers, Range


Unit 4 Photographic and aerial surveying

Photo theodolite, principle of the method of terrestrial photogrammetry, stereo

photogrammetry, aerial surveying, scale and distortion of the vertical and tilted

photograph, comparison between air photograph and map.

Unit 5 Hydrographic surveying

Introduction, shore line survey, soundings methods, gauges, equipment required

for hydrographic surveying, sounding party, methods of locating soundings,

reduction of soundings and plotting of soundings, problems related to

hydrographic surveying.

Name of Text Books:

– Surveying (Vol. I & II) – Punmia, B.C. (Laxmi Publications, New Delhi, 1996)

– Surveying (Vol. I & II) – Kanetkar T.P. (Pune Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan, Pune)

Name of Reference Books:

– Engineering Surveying Technology – Kennie, T.J.M. and Petrie G. (Blackie & Sons Pvt. Ltd.,

London, 1990)

– Surveying (Vol. II & III) – Agor, R (Khanna publications, Delhi, 1995)

– Surveying (Vol. II & III) – Arora, K.R. (Standard Book House, Delhi, 1993)

– Solving Problems in Surveying – Bannister A. and Baker, R. (Longman Scientific Technical,

U.K., 1994)

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