CSVTU, B.E. IV Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Engineering Geology Syllabus


Semester: IV Sem. Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Engineering Geology Code: 320416 (20)



Minerals, their physical properties, optical properties and chemical properties.

The detailed study of certain rock forming minerals with respect to the physical properties.

Unit 2

Rocks and Rock deformation

Their origin, structure, texture, classification of rocks in brief and their suitability as Engineering

materials, dip and strike of bed, Folds, Faults, joints, unconformity and their classification, causes

and relation to engineering bahaviour of rock masses.

Unit 3


Earthquake, its causes, classification, seismic zones of India and Geological consideration for

construction of building, reservoir related, earthquake problem and its preventive measures,

distribution of seismic zones in India.

Unit 4

Landslides and Land subsidence

Landslides, its causes, classification and preventive measures, land subsidence, its

causes and preventive measures.

Unit 5

Engineering Geological Sites Selection

Engineering Geological considerations for site selection of Dams and Reservoirs, Tunnels,

Bridges and Highways, Geological Maps, concept of geological maps, important terminology used

for map and making a section from the map.

Name of Text Books:

A Textbook of Geology – Mukherjee P.K. (World Press Publishers)

Engineering Geology – D.S. Arora (Mohindra Capital Publisher, Chandigarh)

Name of Reference Books:

Geology and Engineering – Leggot, R.F. (Mc-Graw Hill, New York)

A Geology for Engineers – Blyth, F.G.M. (Arnold, London)

Civil Engineering Geology – Cyril Sankey Fox (C. Lockwood and son, U.K.)

Engineering and General Geology – Prabin Singh (Katson Publication House)

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