CSVTU, B.E. IV Semester, CIVIL Engineering, Structural Analysis-I Syllabus


Semester: IV Sem. Branch: Civil Engineering

Subject: Structural Analysis-I Code: 320411 (20)

UNIT 1 Determinate Structures

Determinate vs. Indeterminate structures, static indeterminacy, External and internal

indeterminacy, rules for determining degree of indeterminacy, Degree of Freedom Per Node,

Kinematic Indeterminacy.

Pin Jointed determinate space trusses, distinction between determinate and indeterminate space

trusses and simple and complex space trusses, Analysis of simple and determinate space trusses.

Method of Substitution and Method of tension coefficient.

UNIT 2 Deflection and Slope

Moment curvature relation, The elastic curve, Relation between Loading, SF, BM, Slope and

Deflection, Deflection and slopes of statically determinate beams by Double integration method,

Macaulay’s method, Area moment method. Basics of Conjugate beam method.

UNIT 3 Strain Energy

Strain energy due to axial load, bending, shear and torsion, Castigliano’s theorem for deflection,

Betti’s theorem – Maxwell’s law of reciprocal deflections, unit load and strain energy method for

determination of deflections of statically determinate beams – pin-joined trusses and rigid frames.

UNIT 4 Rolling Loads & Influence Lines

Introduction to Rolling loads – concept of influence lines – influence lines for reaction, shear force

and bending moment in simply supported beams – influence lines for forces in trusses – analysis

for different types of rolling loads – single concentrated load – several concentrated loads –

uniformly distributed load shorter and longer than the span, Absolute maximum bending moment.

UNIT 5 Cables, suspension bridges & arches

Analysis of forces in cables with concentrated and continuous loadings – suspension bridges with

three-hinged and two-hinged stiffening girders, Theory of arches – Eddy’s theorem – analysis of

three-hinged and two-hinged arches – settlement and temperature effects, moving load & influence


Name of Text Books:

Basic Structural Analysis (Vol. I & II) – Bhavikatti S.S. (Vikas Publishing)

Theory of Structures – B.C. Punmia (Laxmi Publication)

Name of Reference Books:

Theory & Analysis of Structures (Vol. – I & II) – Jain, O.P. and Jain B.K. (Nem Chand)

Structural Analysis – R.C. Hibber (Pearson Publication)

Structural Analysis – Ghali, A. & Neville, M. (Chapman & Hall Publication. 1974)

Elementary Structural Analysis – Willbur and Norris (Tata McGraw Hill)

Structural Analysis – Negi L.S. & Jangid R.S. (Tata McGraw Hill)

Theory of Structures – Ramamurtham S. & Narayan R. (Dhanpat Rai Publications)

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