CSVTU, B.E. III Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Mechanics of Solids Syllabus


Semester: B.E. III Sem. Branch:  Civil Engineering

Subject: Mechanics of Solids

Unit 1

Stress Strain Relations Types of stresses and strains, Mechanicals properties and testing of steel, Hooke’s law, Uniaxial tensile test, stress – strain curve, hardness, impact, Poisson’s ratio, Modulus of rigidity, Bulk modulus, Relation between the elastic constants, Thermal effects, Elongation of bars of constant and varying sections. Statically indeterminate problems in tension and compression. Thin cylindrical and spherical vessels.

Unit 2

Analysis of Stresses and Strains Body forces, Surface forces, Internal Force, Stress at a point. Components of stress in rectangular coordinates, Principal stresses, Transformation equations, Stress invariants. Plane stresses. Mohr’s circle for plane stress, Differential equations of equilibrium. Deformable bodies, Concepts of normal strain and shear strain, Strain components at a point. Transformation equations. Principal strains. Mohr’s circle for strains. Compatibility conditions. Displacement equation of equilibrium, Plane strain.

Unit 3

Bending of Beams Theory of simple bending – limitations – bending stresses in beams of different cross sections, beams of uniform strength, beams of two materials, shear stresses in symmetrical elastic beams transmitting both shear and bending moment. Shear force and bending moment diagrams for simply supported overhanging and cantilever beams and statically determinate plane frames

Unit 4

Columns and Combined stresses Stable and unstable equilibrium, Short columns, Euler’s formula for long columns, Rankin’s formula. Beams subjected to bending and shear, Eccentrically loaded short column, Kern of rectangular sections, Middle third rule, stability of gravity dams & retaining walls.

Unit 5

Unsymmetrical Bending and Torsion Unsymmetrical bending – Location of neutral axis, Shear flow – shear  entre – determination of shear centre for simple sections. Torsion of circular solid and hollow circular shafts – power transmission. Closed coiled and open coiled helical springs.

Name of Text Books:

Strength of Materials – R.K. Rajput (S. Chand & Co.)

Mechanics of Materials – B.C. Punmia (Laxmi Publication)

Name of Reference Books:

Mechanics of Structures (Vol. – I) – Junarkar (Charotar Publications)

Strength of Materials – Timoshenko, S. & Gere (CBS Publishers)

Introductions to Solid Mechanics –Shames & Pitarresi (Prentice Hall of India)

Engineering Mechanics of Solid – Popov (Pearson Publication)

Strength of Materials – S. Ramamurtham (Dhanpat Rai Publications)

Strength of Materials (Part-I) – Timoshenko (CBS Pubishers)

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