CSVTU, B.E. III Semester, CIVIL Engineering,Electronics & Instrumentation Syllabus


Semester : B.E. III Sem. Brach : Civil , Mech.& Chemical Engg.

Sub : Electronics & Instrumentation

Unit – I : Semiconductor Diodes

Construction & Characteristics of PN Junction dioes, Rectifier : Half wave, Full Wave & Bridge (Circuit and operation), Zener diode: construction, characteristics, specifications, Voltage regulator circuit using Zener diode.

Unit – II : Transistors (8L + 2T)

Junction Transistor : Construction, Various current components inside a transistor, circuit symbol of PNP and NPN transistors, transistor amplifier, input and output characteristics, relation between and  of a transistor, CB, CE & CC configuration. Field Effect Transistor: construction, principal of operation and characteristics of JFET. Construction, principle of operation and characteristics of MOSFET 0enhancement and depletion type MOSRET.

Unit – III : Basics of Transducers (8L + 2T)

Active & Passive Transducers, Analog & Digital Transducers, Classification of transducers according to  applications. Selection of a transducer. Construction, Principles of operation and applications of : Wire wound Potentiometer, Strain gauge, LVDT, Thermistor, Solar cell Transducer, Piezo-electric crystals.

Unit – IV : Signal Conditioning Circuits (8L + 2T)

Operational Amplifiers: Terminal characteristics, Ideal characteristics, OPAMP as Inverting amplifier, Non-inverting amplifier, Adder, Difference amplifier, differentiator, Integrator, Comparator, Instrumentation amplifier. Passive Filters : High Pass, Low Pass and Band Pass filter using RC- expression for their Gain – BW Product. Wheatstone bridge. Diode Clipper and clamper  only qualitative analysis, no mathematical derivation is required).

Unit – V : Basic Instrumentation System & Components (8L + 2T)

Block diagram of basic measurement systems: Distortion due to Mechanical loading, Distortion due to mpedance loading, Distortion due to change in signal frequency, Distortion due to electrical noise. Data cquisition System

: Objective of DAS, Single & Multi channel DAS, Computer based DAS. Data Loggers,

(Only introductory idea is expected no detail analysis is required).



Text Books :


Electronic Instrumentation (2nd

Ed.) by H S Kalsi, TMH




Elements of Electronic Instrumentation by

J. Jha, M.Puri, R. Sukesh Kumar & M.

Kowar, Narosa Publishing House.





Electronics & Instrumentation

by B.R. Gupta, S. Chand & Co.


Reference Books :


Electrical & Electronics Measurement & Instrumentation by

A.K. Sawheny, Dhanpat Rai

Publishing Company.





Electronic Instrumentation & Measurement Techniques by

Copper & Helfrick, PHI.


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