CSIR NET Life Science Previous Year Papers

CSIR NET Life Science Previous Year Papers | Download Papers PDF

CSIR NET Life Science Previous Year Papers

The CSIR Life Science 2020 NET exam is knocking at your door and you must be wondering about the methods which can adopt for better performance in the upcoming exam, right? To face this kind of challenge you need a solid foundation and the best way you can work on it is by solving previous year papers. This small trick can fulfill your objectives like Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) or Lectureship (LS).

Crossing a barrier like NET Life Science is never an easy task as it requires a good strategy and your strategy will have a new look when you start solving CSIR NET Life Science Previous Year Papers. This thing is like the determining factor and if you care to invest in this part you can hope for a better tomorrow.

CSIR NET Life Science Exam Previous Year Papers

If you are looking for a good show then you have come to the right place because in this blog we will be taking care of the essential aspects which are related to CSIR NET Life Science Old Question Papers like the significance of question papers, exam pattern along with other guidelines.

You will a step closer to your dream destination if you go through the important parts of the forthcoming exam with a focused mind. Before we get into that we want to provide you some useful information regarding your upcoming exam. A competitive exam like NET 2020 Life Science is held in the months of June and December and it is organized by the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) and University Grants Commission.

This year the exam will be held from July to August. Any exam has something in common and you can get an idea of it if you observe the questions which have already asked in the exam several times. You will get new ideas to improve your methods of preparation when you attempt different kinds of questions from the CSIR NET Life Science Previous Question Papers.

Read all the parts of the blog carefully to know about the importance of collecting CSIR NET Life Science Previous Year Question Papers. 

Download CSIR NET Life Science Previous Year Question Papers

Understand the pattern by solving previous year CSIR Life Science question papers

The candidates are always told to refer to relevant books for exam Life Science NET but do you think that is enough for you? The answer is no. When you sit with a particular book you get to know about various things which are important for your forthcoming exam by exploring the contents of that particular book.

How will you know about the type as well as the pattern of questions which are appearing in this exam? The only way to understand is by examining the questions papers. You will be equipped from all angles when you spend some time with the question papers from the previous year.

Everything will become crystal clear when you know about the important aspects of the question papers. Making a note of these little things will prepare you for a better tomorrow. You will be in a commendable position to face any kind of question in the examination hall. You need to keep track of all the important questions and you can do this by noting the no of the times it has appeared in the papers. When you do this you will also have an idea of the time duration as well as the mode of examination.

While monitoring the important questions don’t forget to note the changes in the pattern. You can boost your preparation by collecting CSIR NET Life Science Previous Year Question Paper With Solution PDF file from your friends. You can also ask for the files from your professors.

What are the benefits of solving question papers?

We have already talked about the importance of examining question papers and now we will concentrate on the advantages of solving papers. Read the points –

  • You will have an idea of the ways to manage time. You need to allocate timeslots for each part.
  • You have to be familiar with all kinds of questions that are being asked in the question papers.
  • When you spend hours on question papers you will be able to spot the mistakes from small to big.
  • You will be able to track your performances at home. While preparing it becomes necessary to know where you stand.
  • You will get plenty of time to work on weak areas by attempting all kinds of questions.
  • You will get new inputs that can help you to structure your study material in a better way.
  • You will be able to cross the forthcoming challenge with full confidence because at one point everything will be in your control.

Referring to CSIR NET Life Science Previous Year Question Paper PDF file from your friends will help you to channelize your methods of preparation.

Observe the exam pattern carefully at the time of solving question papers

Besides solving the previous NET Life Science papers you also need to consider the three different parts of the exam, along with the making schemes. We have highlighted the important point here-

  • Basically, there are three parts; i.e. Part ‘A’, Part ‘B’, and Part ‘C’.

The paper will be containing a total of 145 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions).

CSIR NET Life Science Exam Pattern


Total No. of Questions

You Should Answer


Part A



2 each

Part B



2 each

Part C



4 each





Part A

  •  Total No. of Questions: 20
  • No. of Questions You Should Attempt:15
  • Marking:2 Marks for each question.
  • Negative Marking:0.5 marks for each wrong answer.
  • Nature of Questions: Based on General Science prioritizing topics from logical reasoning, graphical analysis, analytical and numerical ability, quantitative comparison, series formation, and puzzles.

 Part B

  •  Total No. of Questions: 50
  •  No. of Questions You Should Attempt:35
  •  Marking:2 Marks for each question.
  •  Negative Marking:0.5 marks for each wrong answer.
  •  Nature of Questions: Subject Related Conventional Questions.

Part C

  • Total No. of Questions: 75
  • No. of Questions You Should Attempt:25
  • Marking:4 Marks for each question.
  • Negative Marking: one mark for each incorrect.
  • Nature of Questions: Scientifically conceptualized questions that will need the application of scientific knowledge.

Important Points:

  •  If any question provided in the paper is wrong, you will surely get the benefit of the marks assigned to that question, only if you attempt it.
  •  The CSIR NET Chemical Science exam’s question booklet will be available in both the languages; English and Hindi.
  •  If you opt for Hindi medium, you will come across bilingual (both Hindi & English) question booklet.
  •  If you choose English as your medium, you will get the question booklet in the English language version.

We have covered the detailed guide on CSIR NET Life Science Exam. Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below.

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