Chartered Accountant Salary, Job Profile and Career

Chartered Accountant Salary, Job Profile and Career

Chartered Accountant Salary, Job Profile and Career

Chartered Accountant Salary, Job Profile, and Career: Chartered Accountant is one of the reputed jobs which requires a person to have a passion for accounts, finance, auditing. Chartered Accountants, by the nature of their job description, are practically indispensable for the proper working of a company. As a company needs to be financially stable and sound in order to survive and profit, jobs for chartered accountants have abounded in both, public and private sector.

Hence, a Chartered Accountant should not only be good at numbers but must also be trained in the areas of business and corporate laws and taxation. If you are aiming towards becoming a chartered accountant, then knowing about chartered accountant salary and job profile is important. Here you go, we have provided a detailed salary, job profile and career of a CA.

Chartered Accountant salary

Chartered accountants can earn a starting salary of anywhere between USD $30,000 and USD $50,000. Experienced chartered accountants can be paid more than US$ 100,000 per annum depending on location and who they end up working for.

The average starting salary of a CA is around Rs. 6.5 lakh per annum. Sometimes, Multinational companies pay over Rs. 10 lakh per annum to freshers.

Apart from salary, chartered accountants receive various fringe benefits, ranging from free transportation to even house and car leasing. They also normally get health insurance, life insurance and property insurance free of cost if they work for a large corporation.

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Chartered Accountant Job Profile

The job profile of a chartered accountant is tedious. Most work is done in ones assigned office. However, a certain amount of traveling may also be required as some clients wish for their financial services to be done on their premises. But, normally they don’t have fixed timings. They end up working overtime if they are working for big organizations.

Chartered Accountant Career

The highly specific set of skills that chartered accountants possess ensures that there are employment opportunities in all sectors. Once an aspiring chartered accountant successfully clears the intermediate exam, there are huge opportunities waiting. The intermediate needs to be done within a period of ten years from the start of practical training, and after which the final exam is conducted by ICAI.

A few examples of Chartered accountants jobs include:

  • executors of wills and trusts jobs
  • auditing firms
  • public or private sector banks
  • investment management companies
  • legal houses or stock brokers.

A trained chartered accountant can also choose to establish his own firm offering auditing services to clients, a service that commands a healthy payment in the market.

Hope, you have received completed information regarding CA salary, job profile, and career. Prepare well for all three stages of CA with the latest and updated CA Study Materials.

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