CBSE Class 12 Home Science Syllabus 2021 (Revised) | Download Deleted Syllabus PDF

CBSE Class 12 Home Science Syllabus 2020-21: Are you feeling helpless because of the delay in the CBSE Class 12 Exam? Don’t Worry! We know that your next hurdle will be difficult to cross and for this reason, we have prepared this blog for you and your classmates.

In this blog, we will focus on the updated Class 12 Home Science Syllabus along with the important aspects of Class 12 CBSE Home Science Syllabus and exam pattern. We will also throw light on the NIOS Class 12 Home Science Syllabus which is almost similar in terms of course.

CBSE Class 12 Home Science Syllabus 2020-21

The syllabus is like your guidebook. You will never miss the important topics from the Revised CBSE Home Science Class 12 Syllabus 2020-21 when you refer to the new syllabus. If you cover the relevant topics from your syllabus then you will be in a good position while solving questions.

A syllabus goes through some modifications every year and you must check whether you have the updated Class 12 Home Science Syllabus 2020-21 PDF with you or not. We have also attached the syllabus along with the exam pattern for your convenience. 

Download Revised Syllabus of Home Science Class 12 PDF

The National Institute of Open Schooling or NIOS is similar to CBSE. It is also part of the Central Board. The Home Science Class 12 NIOS syllabus is also here.

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Your performance in the upcoming Home Science exam will play an important role in choosing the right college and hence you need to go through all the sections carefully. All your doubts will be cleared if you concentrate on the below-mentioned parts with an attentive mind.

Revised CBSE Class 12 Home Science Syllabus 2021

Go through the revised Class 12th Home science syllabus in details:

UNIT I Work, Livelihood And Career

Chapter: Work, Livelihood, And Career

  • Introduction
    • Work and meaningful work
    • Work, careers, and livelihood
  • Traditional occupation in India
    • Agriculture
    • Handicrafts
    • Indian cuisine
    • Visual arts
  • Work, Age and Gender
    • Gender issues in relation to work
    • Issues and concerns related to women and work
      • KGBV
      • Beti bachao ,Beti Padhao Yojana
  • Attitudes and approaches to work and life skills for livelihood
    • Attitudes and approaches to work
    • Lifeskills for livelihood
  • Essential soft skills at the workplace
    • Ergonomics
  • Definition and need for ergonomics
  • Benefits of Ergonomics
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Definition and characteristics

UNIT II   Nutrition, Food Science And Technology

Chapter: Clinical Nutrition And Dietetics

  • Introduction
    • Nutrition
    • Clinical Nutrition
  • Significance
  • Basic concepts
    • Diet therapy
  • Types of diets: Regular Diet and Modified diets
  • Changes in consistency
  • Feeding routes
  • Prevention of chronic diseases
  • Preparing for career
  • Scope

Chapter: Public Nutrition And Health

  • Introduction
  • Significance
  • Basic concept
    • Public health nutrition
    • Nutritional Problems of India
      • Protein-energy malnutrition
      • Micronutrient deficiencies
        • Iron deficiency anemia
        • Vitamin A deficiency
        • Iodine deficiency disorders
  • Strategies/Intervention to tackle Nutritional problems
    • Diet or food-based strategies
    • Nutrient based strategies
  • Nutrition programs operating in India
    • ICDS
    • Nutrient Deficiency Control Programmes
    • Food Supplementation Programmes
    • Food Security Programme
  • Health Care
  • Scope

Chapter: Food Processing And Technology

  • Introduction
  • Significance
  • Basic Concepts
    • Food Science
    • Food Processing
    • Food Technology
    • Food Manufacturing
  • Development of food processing and technology
  • Importance of Food Processing and Preservation
  • Classification of food on the basis of extent and type of processing
  • Preparing for a career
  • Scope

Chapter: Food Quality And Food Safety

  • Introduction
  • Significance
  • Basic Concepts
    • Food safety (Toxicity & Hazard)
    • Hazards (Physical, chemical, and biological)
    • Food infection
    • Food poisoning
    • Food quality
  • Food standards regulation in India-FSSA (2006)
  • International Organization and agreements in the area of Food Standards, Quality, Research and Trade
    • Codex Alimentarius Commission
    • International Organization for Standardisation
    • World Trade Organization
  • Food Safety Management Systems
    • Good manufacturing practices (GMP)
    • Good handling practices (GHP)
    • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Scope

UNIT III Human Development And Family Studies

Chapter: Early Childhood Care and Education

  • Significance
  • Basic concepts
  • Preparing for a career
  • Scope

Chapter: Management of support services, Institutions, and programs for children, youth and elderly

  • Significance
  • Basic concepts
  • Why are children vulnerable?
  • Institutions, programmes, and initiatives for children
    • ICDS
    • SOS Children’s Village
    • Children’s Homes run by the Government
    • Adoption
  • Why is Youth vulnerable?
  • Youth programmes in India
  • Why are the elderly vulnerable?
  • Some programs for the elderly
  • Preparing for a career
  • Scope

UNIT IV Fabric And Apparel

Chapter: Design for Fabric and Apparel

  • Introduction
  • Basic concepts (Design: Structural & Applied)
  • Elements of design
    • Colour
    • Texture
    • Line
    • Shapes or form
  • Principles of Design
    • Proportion
    • Balance
    • Emphasis
    • Rhythm
    • Harmony
  • Preparing for career
  • Scope

Chapter: Fashion Design and Merchandising

  • Introduction
  • Significance
  • Basic Concepts
    • Fashion terminology –Fashion ,fads, style, classic
  • Fashion Development
    • France-The center of fashion
    • Fashion Evolution
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Retail Organization
  • Preparing For a career
  • Scope

Chapter: Care and maintenance of fabrics in Institution

  • Introduction
  • Basic concepts
    • Washing equipment
    • Drying equipment
    • Ironing/pressing equipment
  • Institutions
  • Preparing for a career
  • Scope

UNIT V Resource Management

Chapter: Hospitality Management

  • Introduction
  • Significance
  • Basic concepts
  • Departments involved in hospitality management of an organization
  • Scope

Chapter: Consumer Education and Protection

  • Introduction
  • Significance of consumer education and protection
  • Basic concepts
    • Consumer product
    • Consumer behavior
    • Consumer forum
    • Consumer footfalls
    • Consumer problems
    • Consumer rights
    • Standardized marks (ISI, Wool Mark, Hall Mark, Silk Mark)
    • Protection Councils
    • Consumer Responsibilities
  • Scope

UNIT VI Communication And Extension

Chapter: Development communication and Journalism

  • Introduction
  • Significance
  • Basic concepts
    • Development
    • Development journalism
    • Development Communication
  • Methods of communication
    • Campaign
    • Radio and television
  • Print media
  • Information and communication technologies
    • Knowledge and skills required for a career in this field
    • Scope and career avenues in development communication

CBSE Class 12 Home Science Syllabus (Practicals)

Class 12 Home Science Syllabus UNIT II: Nutrition, Food Science And Technology

  • Modification of normal diet to a soft diet for elderly
  • Development and preparation of supplementary foods for the nutrition program.
  • Planning a menu for a school canteen or mid-day meal in school for a
  • Design, prepare and evaluate a processed food
  • Qualitative test for food adulteration in pure ghee, tea leaves, whole black pepper, turmeric powder, milk,

Class 12 Home Science Syllabus UNIT III: Human Development And Family Studies

  • Preparation and use of anyone teaching aid to communicate socially relevant messages for children/ adolescents /adults in the OR,
  • Preparation of any one toy for children (age appropriate) using locally available and indigenous material

Class 12 Home Science Syllabus UNIT IV: Fabric And Apparel

  • Preparation of any one article using applied textile design techniques; tie and dye/batik/block
  • Remove different types of stains from white cotton cloth –Ball pen, curry, grease, ink, lipstick, tea and

Class 12 Home Science Syllabus UNIT V: Resource Management

  • Evaluate any one advertisement for any job
  • Develop a leaflet/pamphlet for Consumer Education and Protection on any one of the following-
    • Consumer Protection Act (CPA)
    • Consumer responsibilities
    • Consumer organization
    • Consumer Problem

Home Science Syllabus Class 12: CBSE 12th Home Science Project


  1. Study of an integrated community based, nutrition/health program being implemented in own area, with reference to-
    • Programme objectives
    • Focal Group/Beneficiaries
    • Modalities of implementation
  1. Visit the neighboring areas and interview two adolescents and two adults regarding their perception of persons with special
  1. Profile any two-person (child/adult) with special needs to find out their diet, clothing, activities, physical and psychological
  1. Planning any five messages for nutrition, health and life skills using different modes of communication for different focal
  1. Market survey any five processed foods with their packaging and label information.

12th Home Science Scheme For Practical Examination    – 30 Marks

  1. Project (5 marks)
  2. Modification of any one family meal for an elderly person. Preparing any one of the modified (5 marks) OR, Development and preparation of anyone supplementary food for pre-schooler (2-6 years) nutrition programme. OR, Planning a menu for school canteen and preparing anyone nutritious dish.
  1. Identify adulterant using the chemical test in any one of the following- pure ghee, tea leaves, whole black pepper, turmeric powder, milk,) (2 marks)
  1. Prepare a sample using applied textile design techniques tie and dye/batik/block (4 marks)
  2. Remove any one of the stain from white cotton cloth –Ballpen, curry, grease, ink, lipstick, tea, (2 marks)
  3. Develop a leaflet/pamphlet for Consumer Education and Protection on any one of the following- (5 marks)
  4. Consumer Protection Act (CPA)
  5. Consumer responsibilities
  6. Consumer organization
  7. Consumer Problems
  8. File (5 marks)
  9. Viva (2 marks)

Deleted Revised CBSE Class 12 Home Science Syllabus 2020-21

Here you can check and download the home science class 12 deleted syllabus 2020-21:


Class 12 Home Science Syllabus: TOPIC DELETED/REDUCED

UNIT II: Nutrition, Food Science and Technology

Catering and Food Service Management

UNIT III: Human Development and Family Studies

Special Education and support services

UNIT IV: Fabric and Apparel

Production and Quality control in the Garment Industry

UNIT V: Resource management

Human Resource Management

UNIT VI: Communication and Extension

Media Management, Design and Production

Download Deleted Class 12 Home Science Syllabus 2021

Important Study Materials for CBSE Class 12 Home Science

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Course Structure: Theory & Practical

Time: 3 hours
Theory: 70 Marks
Practical: 30 Marks



No. of periods



Human Development: Life Span Approach (Part II)




Nutrition during the life span



Money Management and Consumer Education




Apparel: Designing, Selection, and Care



Community Development and Extension (Part II)




Career Options after Home Science Education











Hence, we have Provided Complete details about the CBSE Class 12 Home Science Syllabus 2020-21. Feel free to Post your Queries in the Comment Section Below.

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