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Have you selected your stream yet? Or is it commerce that you find fascinating. Since the majority of the school do not introduce commerce till 11th, so, students most of the time find their way going automatically to this fun and exciting stream.

To make it easy and less complicated since it is all new to students of class 11, we are here with TS Grewal accountancy class 11 book pdf download option. You can get the idea in details here. And this class 11 accountancy solutions comes in PDF format, so, download the content and start reading anytime and anywhere, as per your convenience.

CBSE Class 11 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions

The best part of consulting the CBSE Class 11 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions is that students would get to learn the subject with complete ease in an understandable language. Additionally, it is best for revising and preparation.

TS Grewal class 11 2020 edition bears high chances of coming in this CBSE final exam paper. So, to score well one must never ignore practising the course structure from this publication. Try taking out some time from your exam preparation and sit with T.S Grewal course material. It is assured to help students tremendously for their accountancy final exams. And students would get to learn easy answers to complex sums from this textbook.

Download Chapter-wise TS Grewal Class 11 Accountancy Solutions PDF

To score excellent for your 2021 final exam start preparing now by downloading the Chapter-wise TS Grewal class 11 2020 edition for your accountancy paper. However, downloading the previous year sample paper along with solutions would also help you prepare better.

Download Chapter-wise TS Grewal Class 11 Accountancy Solutions PDFs from below –

  • Chapter 1- Basic Accounting Terms
  • Chapter 2- Accounting Equation
  • Chapter 3- Accounting Procedures Rules Of Debit And Credit
  • Chapter 4-Origin Of Transaction Source Documents and Preparation Of Vouchers
  • Chapter 5-Journal
  • Chapter 6-Ledger
  • Chapter 7-Special purpose Book I Cash Book
  • Chapter 8-Special Purpose Book II Other Books
  • Chapter 9-Bank Reconciliation System Statement
  • Chapter 10-Trial Balance
  • Chapter 11-Depreciations
  • Chapter 12-Accounting Of Bills Of Exchange
  • Chapter 13-Rectification Of Errors
  • Chapter 14- Adjustments In Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Chapter 15-Financial Statements Of Sole Proprietorship
  • Chapter 16: Accounts From Incomplete Records Single Entry System

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CBSE Class 11 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions: Chapter-Wise Guide

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 1: Basic Accounting Terms

The chapter title introduces the basic terminology associated with accountancy like-

  • Balance sheet
  • Cash basis accounting
  • General ledger
  • Financial statement
  • Cash flow statement

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 2: Accounting Equation

This chapter covers the fundamental idea behind accountancy. The chapter offers step by step approach to deliver the concept in an easy method. Students would get to learn-

  • Balance sheet and income statement.
  • Calculating balance in accounting.
  • Fundamental accounting equation.
  • Additionally, students would learn, accounting equation in the income statement and double-entry bookkeeping system.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 3: Accounting Procedures Rules Of Debit and Credit

Well, this chapter is the primary and one of the most important topics that every student belonging from commerce stream should get a good grasp in. The chapter covers topics like-

  • The idea of debit and credit in accounting.
  • Then creditor’s and debtor’s account.
  • Then there are topics such as asset accounting, personal, real, nominal accounts in this chapter.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 4: Origin Of Transaction Source Documents and Preparation Of Vouchers

It is another fundamental chapter that is covered to deliver the students an in-depth idea regarding accountancy. The chapter covers rudimentary topics with an effortless solution to the sums given. Read the solutions to get a precise idea.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 5: Journal

Journal is the base to start with accountancy. With learning journal, students would get to learn the other terminologies in due course of the time. Journal is the record that operating business needs to maintain for future reconciling and transfers to other financial accounts. 

Not only it is easiest, but it is also the stepping stone to the other accountancy topics. The chapter offers easy solutions to the problems, thus enabling students to learn the concept with enthusiasm.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 6: Ledger

After students understand the journal, the next step to enter into the accounting world is the ledger. It is basically a record that helps in maintaining transactions in business. The chapter offers students a detailed explanation regarding the subject. And with solved solutions to the sums given in the chapter students would learn the topic thoroughly.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 7: Special purpose Book I Cash Book

Cashbook in simple term is a financial journal keeping all records of cash receipts along with disbursements such as bank deposits and withdrawals. The chapter offers students with sums enabling one to understand how to prepare cashbook for your upcoming exams.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 8: Special Purpose Book II Other Books

This is basically the continuation of the previous chapter. Students need to read every single sum to understand the concept of cashbook. And to prepare better for the upcoming exam, students must check the TS Grewal accountancy class 11 chapter 8 solutions 2020.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 9: Bank Reconciliation System Statement

This chapter teaches students with bank reconciliation. It is a simple process which enables users to check an entity’s record for a cash account in parallel to the bank statement. TS Grewal class 11 2020 edition delivers with quality material to understand the topic in precision.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 10:Trial Balance

Trail balance is simply a bookkeeping worksheet where the balance of ledger gets compiled to form debit and credit account. Trial balance is generally prepared by an organization by the end of every operating year. This chapter covers all the detail attributes of trial balance with very simple representation of the solutions.Make sure to go through them sincerely to score well for the exam.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 11: Depreciation

The concept of depreciation is child’s play. In accountancy students will learn to evaluate the decrease in the fair price of an asset. This topic lets the students determine the value of tangible good over the period of its usage. This is another very important chapter students should pay attention to in detail.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 12: Accounting Of Bills Of Exchange

Bill of exchange is simply an agreement that binds two-party with a fixed amount of cash which is set with a predetermined date or upon demand. The main purpose of the bill of exchange is executing foreign trade.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 13: Rectification Of Errors

Each day offers separate financial transactions. And, with the rectification of errors, one can rectify the wrong records if made any. This chapter offers students with detail knowledge about the classification of errors along with errors of commission.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 14: Adjustments In Preparation of Financial Statements

The financial statement offers a sort out arrangement for the business owners to maintain and determine the financial position of their business. Additionally with its preparation business owners also understand what is his/her current position in the market. Thus working on improvisation if there is any requirement. This chapter would offer students to prepare the financial system and understand the basics of profit and loss.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 15: Financial Statements Of Sole Proprietorship

This is the continuation of the last chapter thus covering the remaining essential element here. Things covered in this topic are-

  • Provision of bad debts, doubtful debts, provision of discounts on debtors.
  • Manager’s commission and interest on capitals.

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions Chapter 16: Accounts From Incomplete Records Single Entry System

Students will learn-

  • Meaning and definition of incomplete records along with its features and valid reasons for being incomplete.
  • Additionally, students would also learn ascertainment of missing information while evaluating the summary of costs.

Advantages Of CBSE Class 11 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions

Before going for the solutions kit offered by TS Grewal, consider checking these benefits of using CBSE Class 11 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions –

  • The content offered in the course material is structured by subject experts.
  • And there are several solutions which offer a detailed outline of the chapter in easy language which is great in studying accountancy.
  • Another great thing about CBSE Class 11 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions is that the textbook provides chapter wise solved questions.
  • Additionally, the study material comes up with important topics to prepare for your upcoming test.

How To Study With CBSE Class 11 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions?

Accountancy is undoubtedly an important subject that requires guidance and time to get it in grasp. Therefore referring to the CBSE Class 11 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions acts as a helping hand for your preparation. But how to study to score well?

  • Consider making a separate time table to work with TS Grewal solutions only.
  • Additionally, make sure to check all the sample papers of accountancy to have a vivid idea about the question pattern.
  • Try focusing on a topic at a time. This will ensure to get the subject thoroughly.
  • Also, make yourself a promise to finish all the chapters before time. This will offer you with ample time for rigorous revisions.
  • Lastly, prepare a chart listing down the important terms, formulas, theories accountancy class 11 comes up with. Work on the topic to score colourful marks in your exams.

Here we have included all the important points regarding CBSE Class 11 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions. Still, if you find any doubt concerning the same, feel free to ask any questions. We hope your future endeavors turn our great.

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