CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Conjunctions

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Conjunctions: Class 10 English conjunctions are one of the easy, simple and sorted subject to start with your Engish grammar preparation. 10th is the time that students need to take seriously for a good start for their 12th standard. Additionally, to score a satisfying scorecard, students look out for scopes.

English grammar is one of the subjects that provide students with wide opportunities to score well. And talking about conjunctions, CBSE class 10 English conjunctions is one of the topics that you need to pay attention to. So let us now get to the subject to have a thorough understanding of the topic

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Conjunctions

Conjunctions are basically words that connect two or more words, phrases, clauses or sentences.

Let us now go through some example to understand the concept

  1. He is good at both dancing and cooking.
  2. If we leave now, we can be at home by 11 p.m.
  3. He could not be taken before a magistrate for punishment.
  4. Neither her friends nor relatives joined for the party.
  5. The legendary dancer is also interested in folk music.

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Conjunctions: Types Of Conjunctions

Well, the conjunctions get divided into

  1. Coordinating Conjunction
  2. Subordinating Conjunction
  3. Correlative Conjunction
  4. Conjunctive Adverbs

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Conjunctions: Coordinating Conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions are the words that basically joins similar element. Additionally, the list of coordinating conjunction is only seven, they are as follows

Coordinating Conjunctions Words

Examples To Follow


She needs to find a job, for he is unemployed


Krishna loves both Ice Cream and pizza


Neither Thursday nor Friday is good for the party


He scored good marks but he is not satisfied


Which fruit do you like: peach or plum?


He dances well yet he hesitates to take part in the competition


She is unwell so she will come to the movie

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Conjunctions: Subordinating Conjunctions

A subordinating conjunction joins dependant adverbs with the help of an independent clause. To put it in simple words instead of connecting two independent clauses of similar significance, subordinating conjunction make one clause less significant than the others. Some examples to follow

Subordinating Conjunction Words

Sentences – Conjunction Examples


He went to the gym after lunch


Although the sun was shining it wasn’t warm


He can do the hairstyle as he wants

As if

She behaved as if she has lost it

As long as

The dog would be cooperative as long as you fed him

As much as

She likes football as much as she likes football

As soon as

As soon as I get the details I will send the mail

As though

The virus is spreading as though it will end the world


She did the task because she felt it was his duty


The baby sleeps before the massage


She has never even heard the name of the city Ohio

Even if

Even if you perform your best, you won’t be appreciated

Even though

He doesn’t want to give up even though he knows it won’t better the relation


They will party in the garden if the weather is good

If only

He will feel better only if he sees her son for a moment

If then

If it rains then we will be stuck in traffic

In order that

He will leave the party early in order that I will get a cab

Just as

It began to rain just as we got to the home


She spent whole days in his room, wearing headphones lest she disturbs anyone


Seoul is now a big city earlier it was a small town

Now since

Let’s discuss the issue now since the manager is right here

Now that

Now that everything is under control, the curfew can be lifted


Once I will pick you up from school we can go to the restaurant


She will behave properly provided you be polite to her

Provided that

I will go to the party provided that he comes

Rather than

Better, ignore his questions rather than lie


It’s a long time since they met

So that

She joined Foreign language classes so that she can learn french


She was bluffed into supposing her competitors were not prepared


The old man lived more than 100 years


The blue building you are seeing there, that is my house


Though they were whispering, their voices echoed in the hall


He waited at the coffee shop till 11 pm


She will not buy you a scooter unless you score good marks


You will not get a driving licence until you turn 18


When is your father coming from Canada?


Please share the details of your friend whenever you get time


Where is the bakery store?

Where if

If Raj is with this girl, where is his wife?


The north has a hot climate whereas the south is cold


Eat healthy meals wherever possible


He seemed undecided whether to stay or go


Which is your favourite colour?


She did my task while I was away from the office?


Do you know the person who is standing near the bookstore?


Whoever wins will get a cash prize


Why do people throw garbage on the streets?

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Conjunctions: Correlative Conjunction

Correlative conjunction works in pairs to join two clauses or two sentences. Better look at the examples to have a clear understanding

Correlative Conjunction Words

Sentences – Conjunction Examples

As / As

Her scorecard was not as bad as I thought

Both / and

Both the teams and their coaches worked hard


Either eat the cake right now or it will be finished

Hardly / when

Hardly had she reached the stop when the bus started

Neither / nor

Neither the children nor their parents attended the function

No sooner / than

No sooner had the teacher entered the classroom than the students kept quiet

Not only / but also

Not only you should mug up for exams but also understand the basic concepts

Whether / or

He was confused about whether to wear pink or yellow for her engagement

The More / The more

The more flattering with the boss the more incentives you get

So/ as

His poetry wasn’t so boring as her

Such / that

He is such a beautiful actress that everyone is his fan

Rather / than

She would rather cook at home than going out for dinner

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Conjunctions: Conjunctive Adverbs

Conjunctive adverbs are transition words that join phrases and sentences which works similarly to a word in conjunction list. Let us now take a detailed look at the example to understand the concept better

Conjunctive Adverbs

Sentences – Conjunction Examples

After all

After all the efforts we put in the result was not appreciable

As a result

As a result of the new job she relocated to a new city


He worked hard and consequently got the good appraisal


They quarrelled for hours and then finally there was all silence

For example

Take, for example, you are the CEO of Google. How will You help the nation?


He was tired and cold, and furthermore she was hungry.


Schools are closed due to super cyclone. Hence teachers are taking online classes.


She will buy that car, however, he will use all his savings

In addition

In addition, all his planning are paying off

In fact

He is taking advanced classes; in fact, he is an expert now


A soldier’s life is indeed a difficult life


We cooked at home instead of going out


Grateful to her, he was likewise excited to have Europe tour


She spent 5 years studying for Engineering. Meanwhile, she joined work at the bank


Incidentally, have you seen the new shopping mall they are putting up?

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Conjunctions Rules To Remember To Avoid Mistakes

Since conjunctions offer a high scope of scoring good in your boards, therefore memorising some conjunction rules would do you great.

Rules To Learn:

Rule 1:

So/As is used to indicate comparison, however, these two words also define a negative statement.

As/as works similar to so/as however, you can use these two words for both negative and affirmative sentences.


As you behave so you have to bear.

He is not as handsome as you/ He is as handsome as you.

Rule 2:

The word Both is always followed by And.


Both Krishna and Vishnu went for shopping.

He is both handsome and intelligent.

Rule 3:

Lest is a negative word which is always followed by should or any first form of a verb. However make sure not to use ‘not’, ‘no’, ‘never’ with ‘lest’.


Dance carefully lest she should fall.

Dance carefully lest she falls.

Rule 5:

Unless and Until both are negative words. Unless is an actionoriented word on the other hand Until is a timeoriented word. Also, do not use ‘never’, ‘not’, ‘no’ with clause having until and unless words.


The mother asked her son to wait until she returned.

Unless the employee works hard, the company will not progress.

Rule 6:

Try to always use the correct pair of conjunctions.


Hardly__ when or before

No sooner__than

Barely__when or before

Scarcely__when or before

Not only__but also

Example to understand:

No sooner had he finished his speech than the audience applauded.

The thief not only stole jewels but also took away the gizmos.

Rule 7:

The word doubt/doubtful is folwed by that but in a negative sentence or an interrogative sentence. However, in the case of affirmative sentence doubt/doubtful is followed by whether or if.


She doubts if he can come to drop you.

I don’t doubt that she is hardworking

He is doubtful whether he will attend the party.

Rule 8:

The word from is followed by to. And between is followed by and.


It is difficult to choose between gold and silver

She keeps playing the guitar from morning to evening

Rule 9:

When more than two things or persons are involved then use none of/one of instead of neither or either.


One of the employees complained about the manager

None of the employees complained regarding the theft

Rule 10:

The words rather /other is followed by than.


You have no other option than to go back to school.

She would rather give a car than a necklace.

We have covered all the important portions of conjunctions. Hope you read them and understand the concept to score considerable marks in your upcoming exam. Still, if you face any query regarding 10th class English grammar conjunctions, make sure to call for query since we are always ready to help you out.

We have covered a detailed guide on CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Conjunctions. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

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