CAT Exam 2020: Day-wise Time table for CAT Exam Preparation

CAT Exam Preparation

One of the most challenging exams for a MBA aspirant is CAT or Common Admission Test. If you are planning to study MBA course in your dream institute i.e., Indian Institute of Management then you have come to the right place because in this blog we will be providing you some of the best suggestions which will surely help you to secure a good place in the final CAT Exam 2020. A candidate needs to build a solid structure to bring changes in his or her methods of preparation. Here the time table plays a special role and in this blog we will be throwing a light on the important roles in connection with CAT Exam Preparation 2020. CAT is usually held in the last week of November and the notification for the same will be out in July. The topics we will be discussing here are day wise time table, exam pattern along with the strategy. You will also get to know about the tricks to get 99 percentile in the coming exam. Go through all the sections of the blog to know about the time table.

Look for the day-wise time table while preparing for the CAT exam in one month

 Time table for CAT Preparation:

Duration in Days

Things to keep in mind

First 15 Days

·         Go through the important topics from each section

·         Concentrate on the strong areas

·         Be ready with flashcards for better results

Day 16 to Day 25 (10 days)

·         Solve CAT question paper sets

·         Take one mock test a day

Day 26 to Day 30 (Remaining 5 days)

·         Revision is a must

·         You must follow a diet chart and you must also get enough sleep

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CAT Preparation Guidelines for First 15 days 

Go through the important topics from each section

Candidates must observe all the important parts of the exam pattern while working on the different parts and the interesting thing is that some sections still remain unchanged. The first 15 days the candidates must give proper attention to the major topics from each section i.e. Verbal ability and reading comprehension, Data interpretation & logical reasoning, Quantitative ability. Keep an eye on the syllabus and spend two hours for each section and take a short break of half an hour in between for better results.

Concentrate on the strong areas

We know that some of the topics have been taken good care of by you and for this reason you must make the most of it. Plan your strategy in advance according to your comfortable zones. Revise as much as you can until you are confident about it. You must take time to answer questions because there will be negative marking.

Be ready with flashcards for better results

Making flashcards is suggested by most of the CAT toppers. One of the best ways for to improve your preparation for CAT 2020 in 1 month is by revising. Candidates are expected to prepare flashcards and keep them at a place easily assessable.

Guidelines for the Day 16 to Day 25 (10 days)

Solve CAT Question Paper Sets

Some of the other methods which can be adopted are referring to CAT question papers. Different questions which appear in the question paper sets will make you familiar with the type of questions asked in the IIM entrance exam. Attempting more and more question papers will help candidates to access their performance and make changes. Try to solve two CAT question paper sets in a day on a regular basis.

Take one mock test a day

Appear for as many mock tests as possible because over there you will find the key. The answer lies in the attempt and your performance will get a boost if you are serious about it.

Guidelines for the Day 26 to Day 30 (Remaining 5 days)

Revision is a must

Revision is another element which plays an important part in exam preparation. To reach a commendable position candidate must give some time to revision. Topics that are frequently asked must be revised by candidates in the remaining five days. Pick any topics randomly out of the three sections and give it a read. Try solving random questions of any topic and see if you are able to solve them. Make a note of time allotted as well.

You must follow a diet chart and you must also get enough sleep

Last but not the least, CAT 2020 exam day pressure can be reduced to an extent if candidates follow diet charts. Candidates must not forget about sound sleep. 6 hours sleep is necessary and it will help them to relax their minds. Note that any kind of imbalance be it physical or psychological can lead to stressful situation on the exam day.

You can utilize the next 15 days by working on the weak areas if you have plans to prepare for the CAT exam in 45 Days.

A candidate can always ask for help if he or she faces challenges to crack the DI-LR section in the CAT exam. Over there he or she can get all possible solutions to improve your VARC section for the CAT Exam.

CAT Exam Pattern Guidelines 2020

It is absolutely important to follow a pattern before making a timetable for the 2020 CAT exam. If you are careful about the tiny details then you will be in a position to face any challenges in the examination hall. You need to solve the previous year’s mock test papers or collect sample papers from friends or relatives to monitor the changes in the patterns. Some of the features of the latest pattern have been presented for your convenience.

  • The CAT exam is a computer-based test meant to be completed within three hours, with sixty minutes allotted to each section.
  • There are three sections in the CAT exam namely Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC); Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR); Quantitative Aptitude (QA)
  • The exam has both MCQs and Non-MCQs – the former requires you to pick the correct answer out of the given options, while the latter involves you to the type in the correct answer (TITA).
  • Each correct answer in CAT exam pattern will be awarded 3 marks whether it is MCQ or Non-MCQ.
  • Each wrong answer for MCQ in CAT exam 2019 will be imposed a penalty of 1/3 negative mark (-1 mark).
  • There is no penalty of negative marking on wrong answers to Non-MCQs in CAT 2019 exam pattern.




Total Questions

Total Marks

Time allotted






60 minutes






60 minutes






60 minutes






180 minutes

Last-minute preparation strategy for CAT Exam

Not much time is left for the CAT exam and we have highlighted some of the most important suggestions for your benefit. What happens most of the time is that the students go through various kinds of solutions and they fail to identify the most appropriate ones for them. It is normal to lose track of all the relevant suggestions and for this reason we have come up with some useful last-minute tips which can shape your CAT Exam preparation in a better way. The candidates need to focus on the 3 main sections for better results. The 3 sections are – Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal Reading & Comprehension with 34 questions each and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI & LR) with 32 questions. Here are some quick preparation strategy CAT guidelines for you-

  1. Practice previous years’ question papers

When you make an effort to practice previous year’s papers you will automatically know about the ways to answer the questions. You will be familiar with all kinds of questions before the final CAT Exam.

  1. Make a note of your strengths and weaknesses

Keeping a track of your strength and weakness is a must for a solid performance in the CAT exam. You can attempt questions from your comfortable areas in the examination hall and save your valuable time. That is why you must identify those sensitive areas.

  1. Manage time in an effective way

Time management is one of the most important things which you need to consider. All the questions which you have to answer in the examination hall have a time limit. If you have already solved question papers within a specific time limit then you are in a better position in terms of preparation. You must do it quite often for maximum benefit.

  1. Take online mock tests

Appearing for mock tests is something you cannot miss while getting ready for the final CAT exam 2020. , The more you take tests the better it will be for your performance. You will get enough time to identify and rectify the mistakes that you are making.

  1. A good strategy can make all the difference

The final week preparation must be center around a good strategy. The two things which can take your preparation to the next level are speed and accuracy. If you focus on these areas carefully then you will know exactly how to answer questions with proper explanations.

  1. Try new methods

The experts often tell the candidates about the new tricks which they can be applied to score good marks in the CAT exam. You can check some of their methods and you can try it at home.

  1. You must handle questions efficiently

You will not get more than 2 minutes to answer a question. For this reason you need to modify your exam preparation techniques to get a faster answer. If you fail to understand a question within a given time you must proceed with the next question. You don’t want to waste your valuable time on question which is troubling you. Attempt those questions which you are confident about.

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How to achieve 99 Percentile in CAT 2020?

You already have an idea of the methods to score good marks in your final CAT exam and now we are going to talk about the ways which can help you to get 99 percentile in 2020 exam CAT. We have established a connection with the CAT toppers and they have shared their views here. Take a look-

  1. Don’t follow too many Books

While preparing for the CAT final exam the candidates refer different kinds of books. The candidates often find it difficult to digest the suitable guidelines for the exam. The aspirants go through a tough time while modifying the exam strategies and for this reason the toppers tell you to follow 2 books on any subject or any topic. If a candidate is careful about this thing then he or she will be able to chase his or her dream easily.

  1. An MBA aspirant needs to spend at least 3-4 hours

If you sit with the important topics on a regular basis then you can expect good marks in the final admission exam. Spending 3-4 hours for each part can help you to get to your dream destination. The candidates secured good positions in the past by following this method and they are telling you to try this for a better tomorrow. This can make way for a solid foundation. Give it a try!

  1. Don’t sit with just one topic

Appearing for an exam like CAT is one of the most difficult challenges which a candidate faces. While getting things right for the final exam the candidates forget about the basics. You cannot afford to spend all day on just one topic because in the final exam you will need to deal with all kinds of questions from various topics. If you are having a hard time in understanding one topic you must check the next one. That is the way to take care of your preparation strategy.

  1. Consult experts if you need

You must have heard about various coaching centers from your friends in the college days. Yes, you can ask for help and there is nothing wrong in seeking help. The teachers from the coaching centers are experienced enough to provide you some of the best guidelines. The CAT study materials which they provide are quite useful and it can clear all your confusion. If you face any kind of challenges you can get in touch with them. You will also get to know about the tricks to score good marks.

  1. Solve test papers

The best thing you can do to channelize your methods of preparation is by examining and solving question papers. A lot depends on the no of times you practice questions from papers. The question from test papers gives you the picture of the probable questions and for this reason you must get a copy from your friends now.

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