Best Android App For GATE Exam Preparation

Every engineering student wants to qualify the GATE   exam and that’s why takesGate_Fb many coaching to prepare for that.Together with your coaching, We launched best Android app which will help you 288179_GooglePlayBadge prepare for GATE  exam.

There is no requirement of preparing separately for the GATE Exam, if you pursue your university’s educational work well, then that’s more than sufficient.GATE   doesn’t require any short trick to solve the questions because it provides very sufficient time to complete the paper, and paper is logical so you have to apply basic of your knowledge.

The preparation for the GATE  exam should not be initiated in 3rd or 4th year of graduation. Instead it must be started in the 1st year of college. Reading text book sand cracking math problems at the reverse of each lesson has to be developed as a habit. This kind of practice gives you solid foundation not just for GATE  exam but also for any kind of entrance exam or PSU’s.

Even if you have not started  preparation earlier,

1. Concentrate on Solving Previous Year GATE papers.

2. Don’t read too many Text books for a single concept One standard text book for one subject enough

3. Write down the formulas of each subject in a small paper and keep it in your pocket (at least one subject at a time),& try to look at them ,try to write on paper.

All the best for GATE 2016  

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