List of Major Agricultural Revolution in India

List of Major Agricultural Revolution in India

List of Major Agricultural Revolution in India
List of Major Agricultural Revolution in India

The agricultural revolution refers to the significant change in the agriculture that occurs when there are discoveries, inventions, or new technologies implemented. These change the production ways and increase the production rate. There are various Agricultural Revolutions occurred in India. SO, knowing about the agriculture news will help candidates who are preparing for competitive exams like UPSC-prelims, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways, etc. Apart from just the exam point of view, it is good that all the citizens of India are aware of innovations in the Agriculture field. So, here is the list of Agricultural Revolution in India. Candidates are suggested to go through the blog completely and know more in detail.

Agricultural Revolutions in India

Revolution Product related Father/Person associated with
Protein Revolution Higher Production (Technology driven 2nd Green revolution). Coined by PM Narendra Modi and FM Arun Jaitley.
Yellow Revolution Oilseed Production (Especially Mustard and Sunflower). Sam Pitroda
Black Revolution Petroleum products.
Blue Revolution Fish Production Dr. Arun Krishnan.
Brown Revolution Leather / Cocoa / Non-Conventional Products.
Golden Fiber Revolution. Jute Production.
Golden Revolution Fruits / Honey Production / Horticulture Development Nirpakh Tutej.
Grey Revolution Fertilizers.
Pink Revolution Onion Production / Pharmaceuticals / Prawn Production. Durgesh Patel.
Evergreen Revolution Overall Production of Agriculture. Started in 11th 5 year Plan.
Silver Revolution Egg Production / Poultry Production Indira Gandhi.
Silver Fiber Revolution Cotton.
Red Revolution Meat Production / Tomato Production. Vishal Tewari.
Round Revolution Potato.
Green Revolution Food Grains. Norman Borlong
M.S. Swaminathan.
William Goud (UK).
White Revolution (or, Operation Flood) Milk Production. Verghese Kurien.

Highlights of Major Agricultural Revolutions in India

  • Protein Revolution
  • EverGreen Revolution
  • Green Revolution
  • White Revolution
  • Yellow Revolution
  • Brown Revolution
  • Golden Revolution
  • Pink Revolution

Protein Revolution

  • Related Higher Production also Known as Technology driven 2nd Green revolution coined by P.M Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jetley.
  • A price Stabilization fund of Rs. 500 crore to help farmers deal with volatality also a TV Channerl has been set up to provide Information to the Farmers about Water Conservation, Organic Farming and other New Techniques

Ever Green Revolution

  • Mainly COncentrates on Overall Production of Agriculture, Started in 11th 5 year Plan.
  • M.S Swaminathan has Renowed as Father of Ever Green Revolution in India emphasized to Improve Productivity perpetuity with out harming ecologically or Socially.

Green Revolution

  • In this Period Advanced technologies has been Implemeneted and Productivity in Agriculture has Been Increased Globally.Father of Green revolution is Dr. Norman Borlaug 
  • The Main Purpose of this Revolution was to save a billion people from starvation

White Revolution

  • Concentrates mainly on Milk and Dairy Products, Verghese Kurien Known as Milk Man of India.
  • White Revolution is the Success Story of Dairy Co-Operative Movemnet in the country
  • Operation Flood Program launched by government of India with international cooperation.

Yellow Revolution

  • Oilseed Production (Especially Mustard and Sunflower), Sam Pitroda father of Yellow Revolution.
  • The main contributors to this factor are- the oil seeds production technology, price and market intervention support policy, expansion in area under oilseed, and the institutional support.

Brown Revolution

  • Leather / Cocoa / Non-Conventional Products.
  • It’s happened in the tribal Areas of Vishakapatnam
  • Refers to Educationg tribal People in growing environment-friendly and socially responsible coffee meet the demands

Golden Revolution

  •  Fruits, Honey Production and Horticulture development
  • Nirpakh Tutej, Known as father of Golden Revolution
  • A Period Between 1993-2003 is Reffered as golden Revolution, Because of the Huge Increase in the Production of Fruits, Honey Production and Horticulture Products.

Pink Revolution

  • Father of Pink Revolution, Durgesh Patel
  • Concentrates on Increasing the Pharmaceutical,Onion and prawn production in India.

Thus, candidates can go through this table and be perfect with all revolutions happening in the Agriculture field which were coined by famous people. Apart from just knowing about this one topic, go through the latest Agriculture Books which can help you to know more in-depth.

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