Worksheets for Grade 1 to 5 | Best Maths, English, and Fun Activities Worksheets PDF

Worksheets for Grade 1-5: The Worksheet is a perfect learning resource for children who are either beginning to write or wish to practice at home. It also guides kids with presenting their work in a written format. It provides them an opportunity to get input on mistakes or correctly completed assignments. 

Stress about Worksheet Materials for Grade 1-5? 

Don’t Worry! Kopykitab understands the value of writing to practice educational content, so we deliver a range of downloadable Worksheets for Grade 1-5 in subjects like Math, English, and Fun Activities.

Our catalog of content incorporates fun activities formed by teachers, creative hands-on exercises, and structured activities to motivate children to learn while experiencing fun.

Worksheets of Grade 1-5 | Download PDF

Worksheets for Grade 1-5 provide the content to refer to as one can step forward with the writing activities. It helps kids improve their language proficiency, which is the skill to communicate smoothly and correctly.  Many of us term it as ‘fluency sheets’ as it is useful to direct students towards language skills. 

Practice worksheets and observe the writing levels of yours to improve significantly.

Grade 1 Worksheets | Download PDF

Kopykitab provides plenty of fun, innovative, and educational activities for you, even if you are an educator or parent complementing your kid’s learning. This section is packed with multiple Math and English printable worksheets for grade 1, including fun activities to make learning more interesting.

All Grade 1 Worksheets are mentioned below! Just tap the link as mentioned in the below table to view more and browse the downloadable ICSE Worksheets for Class 1 PDF

Grade 1 Worksheets


Oswaal NCERT Workbook English Marigold for Class – I

English Worksheet for Class-1

Phonics Workbook – 1

The English Connection Workbook – 1

Saraswati Marigold Workbook – 1

My English Garden Workbook – 1

SBB English Olympiad Workbook – Class 1

Skypath English Series Workbook for Class – 1

My First English Workbook Primer A

My Second English Workbook Primer B

Oswaal NCERT Workbook Mathematics Math Magic for Class – I

Maths Worksheet for Class-1

Math Magic Workbook – 1

Foundation Mathematics Class-1

My Math Workbook Addition & Subtraction

SBB Math Olympiad Workbook – Class 1

Grade 2 Worksheets|Download PDF

As second graders deal with new theories and techniques, parents and teachers should give kids a supportive hand by offering them lots of chances to exercise whatever they are learning.

Kopykitab offers the perfect Grade 2 Worksheets to practice and revise the learned concepts. All you need to do is study the overview and figure out what each one is all about. Just download and follow it whenever you locate the topic you are hunting for!

Check out the table for multiple Worksheets for Grade 2. Learning has never been as fun and straightforward!

Grade 2 Worksheets


Oswaal NCERT Workbook English Marigold for Class – II

Learning Planet English Workbook – 2

The English Connection Workbook – 2

English Worksheet for Class-2

SBB English Olympiad Workbook – Class 2

Skypath English Series Workbook for Class – 2

Saraswati Marigold Workbook – 2

My English Garden Workbook – 2

हँसते – गाते सीखें हिंदी Text-Cum – Workbook – 2

Phonics Workbook – 2

Oswaal NCERT Workbook Mathematics Math Magic for Class – II

Foundation Mathematics Class-2

Maths Worksheet for Class-2

Boost Your Aptitude for Class 2

SBB Maths Olympiad Workbook – Class 2

Math Magic Workbook – 2

Grade 3 Worksheets | Download PDF

KopyKitab provides the Worksheets for Grade 3 that cover major topics such as multiplication tricks, parts of speech, and many more. You can use our Math, English, and other worksheets to understand basic concepts and theories.

It helps the kids in developing the confidence level and later ready themselves for more complex exercises. With the learning phase of 8 and 9-year-olds in view, our worksheets for third graders are structured and include tips for fun activities that will motivate them to love the exercises and practice them with ease.

Go through the table for Grade 3 Worksheets as listed below:

Grade 3 Worksheets


Oswaal NCERT Workbook English Marigold for Class – III

Learning Planet English Workbook – 3

The English Connection Workbook – 3

English Worksheet For Class-3

SBB English Olympiad Workbook – Class 3

Skypath English Series Workbook For Class – 3

Saraswati Marigold Workbook – 3

My English Garden Workbook – 3

Phonics Workbook – 3

Oswaal NCERT Workbook Mathematics Math Magic For Class – III

Foundation Mathematics Class-3

Maths Worksheet For Class-3

Boost Your Aptitude For Class 3

SBB Maths Olympiad Workbook – Class 3

Math Magic Workbook – 3

Grade 4 Worksheets | Download PDF

To keep learning fun and exciting in the catalog of Grade 4 Worksheets and hands-on activities, Kopykitab presents lots of English, Math, and Fun Activities Workbook for Grade 4. Why wait? Have a look at all the Worksheets for Grade 4 listed in the table below:

Grade 4 Worksheets


हसत-गात शिकूया मराठी Text-Cum Workbook – 4

Oswaal NCERT Workbook English Marigold For Class – IV

Learning Planet English Workbook – 4

The English Connection Workbook – 4

English Worksheet For Class-4

SBB English Olympiad Workbook – Class 4

Skypath English Series Workbook For Class – 4

The English Circle Workbook – 4

Saraswati Marigold Workbook – 4

My English Garden Workbook – 4

Phonics Workbook – 4

Oswaal NCERT Workbook Mathematics Math Magic For Class – IV

Foundation Mathematics Class-4

Maths Worksheet For Class-4

Boost Your Aptitude For Class 4

SBB Maths Olympiad Workbook – Class 4

Math Magic Workbook – 4

Grade 5 Worksheets | Download PDF

With a rigorous program and high workload, most fifth graders will face several learning obstacles on the path to middle school. The easiest approach to resolve those obstacles is to access the Worksheets for Grade 5 offered by Kopykitab.

It provides educational guidance across a range of topics, from pronunciation to percentages and many more. Our Grade 5 Worksheets offers learning activities for the beginner as well as if you need them for supplementary preparation.

Tap the link mentioned in the table below to have a look at Worksheets for Grade 5:

Subject Wise Worksheets for Grade 1-5 | Download PDF

Kopykitab offers you Worksheets for Grade 1-5 with a variety of themes in Math, English, and Fun Activities to improve theoretical as well as practical knowledge. It encourages children to coordinate their ideas, implement the learned concept, utilize their skills like thinking abilities, logical reasoning to address questions on different topics.

The worksheets for each subject vary in difficulty from simple to challenging. It allows evaluating oneself, studies, or review the concepts that are mentioned in all curriculum subjects. Explore our online educational toolkits to support your kids in achieving their learning targets. 

Math Worksheets for Class 1-5

The Math Worksheets for Grade 1-5 cover digits, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. Some children enjoy it, while others dislike it. But if we defined mathematics not only as a term of numbers but as a language of thoughts, would that stir your fascination?

That’s what mathematics has done for decades. It has piqued the attention of many brilliant mathematicians, like Archimedes, Pythagoras, and more. It comprises of strong terminology in almost a similar manner that oral or written language does.

Our countless numbers of Math worksheets provide easy practice for regular analysis-from enhancing the knowledge of writing digits by addition and multiplication through certain basic Algebra techniques.

Discover the nature of Math with our extensive, immersive, and entertaining worksheet sets. It will motivate you to recognize the world deeper. If there is any topic you are fascinated by that we don’t have, email us!

English Worksheets for Class 1-5

The English Worksheets for Grade 1-5 is one of the finest tools for young thoughts. It comprises of straight factual questions rather than providing too much language and repetitive descriptions.

Kopykitab offers English Worksheets to improve the reading and writing abilities of the students. It addresses many aspects, like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, literature, and reading strategies. It also comprised of topics in the sort of riddles, word searches, word scrambles, and many more.

Read ahead to download English Worksheets for Grade 1-5.

Fun Activity Worksheets

Are you bored with doing worksheets after tedious homework? No Worry! Kopykitab offers several fun activities worksheets that really captured and held the attention of the students.

An interesting note before we move forward is that though worksheets have received a bit of a negative rap, I don’t think it should be totally taboo. Worksheets that support the children to develop essential techniques can still be beneficial to use.

Fun Activities Worksheets will improve the educational knowledge of the children in Grade 1 to 5. It is structured to keep the whole learning process more exciting for young minds. There is no question that the more exciting our educational activities will be, the more centered children will be and understand it better. 

Benefits of using Worksheets for Grade 1-5

Here are the few benefits of practicing the Worksheets for Grade 1-5:

  • Improve the confidence level,
  • The best approach to recap whatever taught in the classroom,
  • Enables children to study at their own speed without hurrying through the subjects,
  • Encourage kids to practice without the guidance of a mentor,
  • By simply following the illustrations and guidelines on the worksheets, children can develop newer ideas.
  • Blow the misconception of education being boring and provides the kids with a choice to learn new concepts with an exciting method.
  • Learning every day with fun and interactive worksheets encourages children to build self-learning and independence qualities.
  • The worksheet ensures that the student endures the anxiety related to education and nurtures learning habits, discipline, concentration, and verbal skills.

FAQ’s around Worksheets for Grade 1-5

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