Window Programming Notes

Window Programming Notes


The Window Architecture

The concept of handlers, The concept of window class, Registering a Window class, Style like CS HREDRAW, Instance handlers, Icon handlers, Cursor handlers, Menu name, Creating a Window, Class names – predefined and user defined, Window name, Draw styles, Width, height etc., Parent – Child Windows, The concept of windows messages, Messages Queue.

Compiling and linking for windows

Compiling for windows, Memory models in windows, Linking the stub file.

I/O Techniques

Drawbacks of windows, Screen printing, Determining the size of window, The concept of device context, Device context handles, Releasing context handles, Text formatting, Using fonts, The concept of scroll bars, Creation of scroll bars,Setting bar range and position


Keyboard messages, Virtual key codes, Parameters like repeating count, canning code etc., System, keys like Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Esc Et.


Mouse action, Mouse messages, Activating Windows, Change Mouse Cursor.

File I/O

Windows file function, Buffered file I/O, Common dialog boxes , Open filename structure.

Child Window

The concept of child windows, Child window controls, Child window control classes, The static class, The button class, Button messages, Push buttons, Check boxes, Radio buttons, Edit class, Edit control messages, Edit styles, The List box class.


Creating menus, Working of menus, Using menu inputs, Creating pop-ups and using it, Attaching pop-ups to top level, menus, Menu messages, Menu templates,Using system menu, Messages from menus.

Dialog Boxes

Concept, Control state, working with dialog boxes.


Obtaining printer’s driver content, determining the printer name, Notifying the print job, Page breaks, determining device capabilities, Printing graphics, about printer.


Fonts, Portrait of a character, Types of fonts, Creating logical fonts, fonts handle.

Graphical Device Interface

Need, The device context, Determining device capabilities.

Memory Management

Memory handles and locks, Problems or Window memory handling, Intel’s segmented memory architecture, 80286 protected mode, the memory API, Kernel Macros.

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