Why mock tests are important for medical exams

With AIPMT 2016 scheduled for May 1, barely one month is remaining for the most coveted undergraduate medical exam. MBBS aspirants would be gearing up for the exam with last phase of preparation, revision and taking mock tests.

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Topper, AIR 2,AIPMT 2014 who secured 680 out of total 720 marks in AIPMT 2014, gives credit of his success to taking Mock Tests and consistency in studies. “I used to take mock test papers on regular intervals and they have helped me a lot in giving the idea about the actual exam.” Before the D-day, a mock drill or rehearsal is considered as an integral part of the preparation, same goes for AIPMT and AIIMS preparation. If you are a medical aspirant, start taking the Mock Tests to move a step ahead towards your dream career.

Mock Tests are generally effective to analyze your preparation before a month or two of the actual exam. AIPMT Toppers and Exam Experts also advocate for taking the Mock Tests. Experts says, “Students should take Mock Tests in order to develop a strong grounding of the concepts and the theories. Mock Tests also help in managing the available time judiciously and recognize the areas they are lacking in.”

Why Mock Tests?

Mock Tests are the most important method of assessing your preparation level and re-crafting the preparation strategy of the areas you are lagging behind. Mock Tests also help in familiarizing the exam pattern, exam taking and time management strategy for the D-day.


Therefore, you must start taking the mock exam to evaluate your preparation level. Topper, AIR 9, AIPMT 2014 says, “Solve every type of question, study all the topics, make your basics strong and take as many as mock tests to identify and rectify your weak areas.”


Type of AIPMT Mock Tests

Mock Tests can be of different types and levels based on your need and preparation level:

  • Full Length Mock Tests: This is a replica of actual AIPMT exam and hence should be taken very seriously while preparing for AIPMT exam. Full length mock tests cover all the section of AIPMT exam i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. It contains a total of 180 questions.
  • Sectional Mock Tests: This acts as a great tool, to check the preparation level of each section. It is advisable by experts, to start taking section tests first and then opt for Full length Mock Tests
  • Topic wise Mock Tests: Topic wise Mock Tests are used by aspirants to prepare for the important and difficult topics to have better understanding of those topics.

What after Mock Tests?

After taking one mock test, it is advisable to take at least 2 to 3 days break to identify your short comings and re-strategizing your preparation accordingly. Students must also analyze the time taken to solve each question, which portion took the maximum time to solve, which section he/she has found easiest and the hardest one and what is their accuracy level.


Analyze these aspects and try to change the style of attempt in order to achieve the maximum accuracy level. It is also recommended to get your mock test analyzed by your mentors or seniors.

Here are some pointers to be followed after taking the Mock Tests:

  1. Analysis: After attempting the Mock Test, it is highly advisable to analyze your performance. Identify your strengths, weaknesses and total time taken to solve each portion and check whether your mistakes are a result of lack of focus or concentration or lack of conceptual clarity. Topper, AIR 4, AIIMS MBBS 2014 says, ‘’ Mock Tests exercise allowed me to analyze my weak areas and brought good improvement in my AIPMT preparation. I used to take 3-4 Mock Tests a week, which also helped me in improving my question solving speed.’’
  • Don’t get swamped by the variation of Mock Test scores: Mock test scores are not the exact reflection of your preparation level. If you take four mock tests a week, you may score different in all the four mock tests. Students must note that the mock tests help in analyzing theirperformance but the result doesn’t reflect the exact preparation level. This may happen because while taking the mock tests you may have thought of experimenting with your strategy or would have been tired or not in a position to concentrate while taking the Mock Test. Therefore, it is advisable to take each Mock test seriously.
  • Note your weak areas and re-strategize your preparation-If you are making any mistake in particular section or topic of AIPMT preparation, you need to rectify it after identifying the reason for the mistake. At times, thorough study needs to be done of that particular topic or you can also discuss it with your mentors and friends in order to get better understanding of the topic. ‘’I have always studied every topic thoroughly and put in all my efforts on it. The idea was to prepare in such a way that I do not have to do it again and again. Mock Tests have also played a big role in my success’’, says Topper, AIR 9, AIPMT 2014

In the last month preparation days of AIPMT exam, try to take as many full length mock tests as possible. Consider it as your final day rehearsal before the D-day. This way you will not only be prepared with the sections and topics, but you will also sit for 3 hours duration attempting total of 180 questions, covering all the portion of AIPMT exam.

AIPMT is a national level undergraduate medical entrance exam conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on May 1, 2016 for admission to MBBS and BDS seats under 15% All India Quota in Government medical and dental colleges of India excluding Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir.

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