UPSC IAS Answer Key 2021 | Check out and Download Latest Answer Key

UPSC IAS Answer Key 2021 UPSC IAS is one of the most prestigious exams conducted in India. As UPSC IAS is the three-tier examination. Every year after the examination held the UPSC releases UPSC IAS Answer Key.

These UPSC IAS Answer Key are released for all the examinations after the entire selection process. However, these UPSC IAS Answer key are available only on the Commission’s official website for the objective type tests. UPSC releases UPSC IAS Answer Key 2021 and various other examinations which are conducted by the UPSC. This article will help you to understand:-

  1. How you can download the UPSC IAS Answer Key 2021
  2. How to calculate marks using UPSC IAS Answer Key 2021
  3. What is the marking scheme of the UPSC IAS Exam

Not only this you will also learn various Important things about the UPSC IAS Answer Key 2021. As this year is 2021, the UPSC IAS exam will be held in June. So after the exam, the answer key will be available on the official website of UPSC.

UPSC IAS Answer Key 2021.

The UPSC IAS Answer Key is released just after few days of the examination held. The Kopykitab will provide you all the information for UPSC IAS Answer key 2021.

  1. The UPSC conducts the Civil Services Examination (CSE) in three stages.
  2. These three stages are Preliminary, Main Exam, and Personality Test/Interview.
  3. The Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination is an objective type test that comprises of two papers.
  4. These two papers are named General Studies and Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT)
  5. The UPSC will release the official UPSC IAS Answer key 2021 for Civil Services Preliminary Examination only after the completion of the entire selection process.
  6. These UPSC IAS Answer Key will provide the Candidates an idea about the examination in which they have appeared.
  7. Also this UPSC IAS Answer Key will help the candidates to measure their performance.

Steps to download UPSC IAS Answer Key 2021

The Candidates who have appeared for the UPSC IAS Preliminary Examination can check their Answer Key released by UPSC. These answer keys are released by UPSC Every year on the official website of the UPSC. So now let’s look at how candidates can apply for the UPSC IAS Preliminary Exam:-

  1. First, you have to visit the official website of the UPSC. This is
  2. On the official site of the UPSC, you will be able to see a tab that says ‘Examination’
  3. Now go to this tab and there find the Answer keys section.
  4. In the answer key section, the candidates will see all keys which are available for exams conducted by UPSC.
  5. Now you just have to take a printout of the UPSC IAS Answer Key 2021. 
  6. As if you will take the printout this will helps you out for future reference.
  7. This answer key will be very helpful for the candidates as it will provide you an idea about your performance in the exam.
  8. With this answer key, you will be able to get the idea and can work on your weak areas.

How to Calculate Marks using UPSC IAS Answer Key 2021?

As UPSC IAS Answer Key is released every year after the preliminary exam is conducted. Through these answer keys, the candidates can calculate their marks. This will give the candidates an idea about how they had attempted their exam. Here are few steps which will help you in calculating the marks of the UPSC IAS exam.

  1. First, you always need to know about the marking scheme of the exam.
  2. These marking schemes could easily be understood if you look over the front page.
  3. However, this marking Scheme is different from one to another scheme.

So now let’s look over the marking scheme of the UPSC IAS Preliminary Exam Paper-II and Paper-I.

UPSC IAS Calculation of Marks for Paper-I

The UPSC IAS Preliminary Paper-I Examination marks can be calculated through these few steps:-

  1. The Candidates will get 150 marks for the correct answer.
  2. This means that 75×2= 150
  3. For each incorrect answer, the Candidates will get a negative marking of 0.33%
  4. This means that for every wrong answer 0.66 marks will be deducted.
  5. This can be easily understood with an example as if 25 questions were answered incorrectly then the negative marking for 25 incorrect answers would be 25×0.66= 16.5
  6. As a result, 16.5 marks will be deducted from the correctly answered questions.
  7. This will turn as the final score for Paper-I will be 150-16.5= 133.5

Now let’s look over the calculation of Marks for Paper-II

Calculation of Marks for Paper-II

  1. UPSC Prelims Paper-II CSAT has 80 questions for 200 marks.
  2. In this paper, each question Carries 2.5 marks each.
  3. However, in this paper, there is no such negative marking scheme from question number 74 to 80.
  4. As questions from 74 to 80 are based on decision making. This is the reason that these questions do not contain negative markings.
  5. This can be more understood in this manner. Suppose among 80 questions if a candidate has answered 65 correct and 15 incorrect and thinking that the candidate has got 15 incorrect answers from Question number 1 to 73 and 5 incorrect answers from question number 74 to 80.
  6. Now the Candidates can see that they get the total score of the Candidate in CSAT PaperII would be as Correct Answer:50×2.5= 137.5 marks.
  7. However, the incorrect answers will be from question number 1 to 73 will be Calculated as 15×0.83= 12.45 marks.
  8. Thus the score will be 137.512.45= 125.05 marks.

In this way, the PaperI and PaperII marks will be calculated. Thus the total score that a candidate would have scored in the UPSC Prelims Exam would be:

Total Score (Paper I + Paper II) = 133.5+125.05= 258.55 Thus after looking over these criteria of marking the Candidate can calculate your total Score in UPSC Prelims Exam and if you have the unofficial answer key as well in your hand.

FAQ’s – UPSC IAS Answer key

1. Does UPSC provide answer key?

Yes, the Commission released the official IAS answer keys for UPSC.

2. When does these UPSC IAS Answer key re released?

The UPSC IAS Answer key re released only after completion of the entire selection process.

3. Do questions repeat in UPSC IAS Exam ?

Yes, UPSC papers do have repetitive questions from the previous year’s papers, but only for some subjects.

4. Which pen should be used in UPSC IAS Exam ?

The candidates are required to use good Black or Blue ball pen to give their UPSC exams.

5. Can a 20 year old person give UPSC IAS Exam?

The answer is no. As per UPSC Rules you can appear in exam at the age of 21 or above.

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