Top 20 Recommended Engineering Books From Renowned Publishers

Before moving to the Engineering study plan, you need to have the necessary books that shall help you to self-study from home.

All the books listed below are from PHI Learning publisher and are very popular among candidates. They have received many positive reviews & rated as cheap & best books.

  1. Microwave Semiconductor Devices
  2. Fundamentals Of Reinforced Concrete Design
  3. Fundamentals Of Power System Protection
  4. Energy Engineering and Management
  5. Fundamentals Of Structural Mechanics And Analysis
  6. Database Management System
  7. Analysis And Design Of Information System
  8. Electronics In Medicine And Biomedical Instrumentation
  9. An Introduction To High Voltage Engineering
  10. Limit State Design In Structural Steel
  11. Introduction To Data Mining With Case Studies
  12. Fundamentals Of Computers
  13. Production Planning And Control: Text And Cases
  14. Mechanism And Machine Theory
  15. Management Information Systems
  16. Electrical And Electronics Engineering Materials
  17. 0000 To 8085 Introduction To Microprocessors For Engineers And Scientists
  18. Engineering Mechanics Statics And Dynamics
  19. Refrigeration And Air Conditioning
  20. Fundamentals Of Engineering Thermodynamics

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