Tips to score good marks in board exams

Most important thing is to know exact syllabus of board examination. These days most of the institutes goes to coaching and they will study all things that are being taught there for board exams also, but let me tell you in coaching’s they might teach you some advanced topic also which are not part for XII CBSE syllabus. Refer to the CBSE website for the updated syllabus of this year, and know it completely.

As you go through the contents table of your subject textbooks, you will see familiar topics, which may have already been introduced in your previous classes, especially in math and science. You should have a clear picture of familiar and unfamiliar topics.

NCERT textbooks are bible for CBSE board examinations. Irrespective of the books prescribed by your school, ensure that you always refer to the NCERT textbooks, carefully. CBSE board exam question paper will be based on NCERT only.

To solve previous year question paper is the most important key to get success. Get into the habit of solving questions from previous years’ papers.You can refer top notch publisher’s papers like Oswaal Publications for practicing.

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Keep yourself updated always.These days CBSE, being a dynamic body, is continuously reforming itself by changing the syllabus, marking schemes, exam patterns, etc. For latest updates stay tuned with  100marks.

Try to understand marking scheme by following CBSE model answer sheets. Every question has a specific marks break-up. Your familiarity with the format will help you guess the probable marks allotted for the various steps involved in the correct answer.

Don’t go for just theory, try to understand concept behind them. It’s important to learn and understand your concepts well, if you want to score more in the exams. Cramming, without understanding, will take you nowhere. So, make sure you have understood the concepts well before cramming anything.

Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself by studying more than the scope of your syllabus.

Refresher books are for revision: The key to success in the examcs is to always start with NCERT textbooks. Use refresher books or guides only to refresh what you have already studied. This will confuse you less.

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