Take it easy: Boards are like any other exam | Know how to Study Smart not Hard

With the boards more than one month away, many students find themselves weighed down by expectations.

As Dr Jitendra Nagpal, a senior psychiatrist at Moolchand Medcity pointed out, comparisons with other students, parental expectations and peer pressure are major concerns for students attempting their Board exams.

Crack the tough ones! If you want to do good in Boards, your concepts should be clear and at the same time you should be able to interpret questions and answer then accurately.You should be able to understand what the question seeks and how you should present your answers. It’s very important for the combination you have chosen.

Physics  :

Follow NCERT textbook only.Prepare in this order- optics, dual nature of matter and radiation, atom & nuclei, semiconductor devices, principles of communication and EM waves, electrostatics, current electricity, magnetic effect of current & magnetism etc

Chemistry :

Study all the formulae conversions thoroughly.Practice 10 full-length Board papers and get all queries answered.Memorize important structures

Mathematics :

Bifurcate topics from sample papers, manage time and prepare chapter wise
Practice as much as you can.Make sure you revise the whole paper after writing it.

Biology :

Focus on value-based questions.Attempt all sections in an orderly manner, one section at a time. Be thorough with the NCERT textbook

Focus on five most important chapters
first – fundamentals, admission, shares, ratios and cash flow statements
Solve as many papers as you can
Never overwrite in paper

Clarify the concepts
Memorize and understand definitions of various economic terms

NCERT Based Chapter Wise Question Bank With Answers:

CBSE Sample Question Paper With Solution:

CBSE Support Material:

Jagran Josh CBSE Class 12th Solved Question Papers, Practice-Guess Papers

Oswaal CBSE CCE Sample Question Papers For Class 12

MBD Sure Shot CBSE Sample Papers Solved Class 12

CBSE Pre-Board Solved Question Papers:

Set-I :

Set-II :

Get the previous years question banks with solutions for each of your subject. Also get the sample question papers.Solve them after reading your CBSE textbook and going through examples and back exercises. Solve it once again before your exams. You will easily get 90% in your CBSE boards.Just for English you need to improve your speed.

Solve as much as papers you can.Here we are providing you all these papers subject wise , also giving you topic wise conceptual notes that will help you alot.

Information Source :Hindustan Times

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