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RTU Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 8th Sem 2017

LAWS FOR ENGINEERS Unit-1 Constitutional Law: The Preamble; Fundamental Rights; Directive principles of State policy; Fundamental Duties; Emergency provisions – kinds, legal requirements and legal effects. General Principles of Contract under Indian Contract Act,...


RTU Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 7th Sem 2017

  FINITE ELEMENT METHODS Unit-1 Introduction to FEM and its applicability, Review of :Matrix algebra, Gauss elimination method, Uniqueness of solution, Banded symmetric matrix and bandwidth. Structure analysis: Two-force member element, Local stiffness matrix,...


RTU Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 6th Sem 2017

DESIGN OF MACHINE ELEMENTS- II Unit-1 Fatigue Considerations in Design: Variable load, loading pattern, endurance stresses, Influence of size, surface finish, notch sensitivity and stress concentration. Goodman line, Soderberg line, Design of machine members...