Anna University Syllabus OF Civil Engineering 8th Semester

    ENGINEERING ECONOMICS AND COST ANALYSIS UNIT I BASIC ECONOMICS  Definition of economics – nature and scope of economic science – nature and scope of managerial economics – basic terms and concepts – goods – utility – value – wealth – factors of production – land – its peculiarities – labour – economies of … Read more

Anna University Syllabus OF Civil Engineering 7th Semester

  DESIGN OF REINFORCED CONCRETE & BRICK MASONRY STRUCTURES UNIT I RETAINING WALLS Design of cantilever and counterfort retaining walls UNIT II WATER TANKS  Underground rectangular tanks – Domes – Overhead circular and rectangular tanks – Design of staging and foundations UNIT III SELECTED TOPICS  Design of staircases (ordinary and doglegged) – Design of flat … Read more

Anna University Syllabus OF Civil Engineering 6th Semester

PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT UNIT I OVERVIEW OF MANAGEMENT  Organization – Management – Role of managers – Evolution of Management thought – Organization and the environmental factors – Managing globally – Strategies for International Business. UNIT II PLANNING Nature and purpose of planning – Planning process – Types of plans – Objectives – Managing by objective … Read more