Steps to enhance your performance

  •  Success in the examination requires consistency, never say die spirit and most importantly self motivation.
  • Healthy ideas grow in a healthy mind so along with studies do devote some time in recreational activities, which enhances memorizing power and efficiency.
  • Keep safely all the documents related to examination such as acknowledgment of application, hall ticket, application number and other details. This is to avoid last minute tension for obvious things.
  • A day prior to the examination don’t study much, just revise the important notes which you have made. Relax and sleep for atleast 6 hours so that you write exam with fresh mind.
  • Keep atleast 2 sharpened pencils, eraser, sharpener, 2 pens, calculator, hall ticket, etc. in your examination kit.
  • Ensure reaching your exam centre before time and avoid studying during traveling.
  • Don’t panic till the last moment, just remain calm and quiet and be confident of the preparation done.

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