SSC Stenographer Exam Analysis 06th February 2019

SSC Stenographer Exam Analysis 2019

SSC Stenographer Exam Analysis 2019: The Staff Selection Commission has begun the SSC Stenographer examination on February 5, 2019. The examination is held at various examination center across the country. The examination will be conducted until February 8, 2019. The SSC Stenographer Grade C and Grade D examination can be taken up by candidates who have cleared their 12th exam.

It is one of the best jobs for candidates who are looking to work after their 12th. You need stenography skills to clear this examination. As the exam has already begun, we are providing you with the SSC Stenographer exam analysis.

We have compiled all the questions from each day and all shifts. Hence, candidates can go through the blog to know more about the analysis.

SSC Stenographer Exam Analysis – February 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2019

This exam analysis will not help the current batch of candidates writing exam but in the upcoming years whoever is taking up this exam, can refer the exam analysis.

Going through the exam analysis helps in knowing the type of questions asked in the examination and also weightage of each topic in the exam. Here we have explained the SSC Stenographer Exam analysis in detail.

SSC Stenographer Grade C and D 2018-2019 Computer Based Exam consisted of total 200 questions for 200 marks in MCQ Format. Questions asked in the exam consisted of easy to moderate level questions in different subjects.

Also, there was negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer. So, here is the table consisting of the number of questions from each category, difficulty level, and good attempts.

Category Topics No. of Questions Difficulty Level  and No. of Good Attempts
February 5, 2019 February 6, 2019 February 7, 2019 February 8, 2019
General Intelligence (Reasoning questions)



Alphabet Test

Series Completion

Seating Arrangement

Arithmetical Reasoning

Coding- Decoding

Mathematical Operations

Insert the missing Character/ Number

Direction test


Logical Venn Diagrams

Figure Embedding

Paper Based Folding

Mirror Reflection

50 Easy to Moderate


Good attempts= 40-45

Easy to Moderate


Good attempts= 41-46



Good attempts= 42-47

Easy to Moderate


Good attempts= 42-48

General Awareness



Current Affairs

Awards and Honors

Scientific Research


Important Dates


General Polity including Indian Constitution

50 Moderate

Good Attempts= 35-40

Moderate to Hard

Good Attempts= 32-35

Easy to Moderate

Good Attempts= 38-42


Good Attempts= 36-41

English Language and Comprehension

Spotting the Errors

Fill in the Gaps in sentences

Idioms and Phrases

Reading Comprehension



Para jumbled Sentences

Active/Passive Voice

Direct/Indirect Sentence

Sentence Improvement

Cloze Test

100 Easy to moderate

Good Attempts= 65-70

Easy to moderate

Good Attempts= 67-73

Easy to moderate

Good Attempts= 65-70

Easy to moderate

Good Attempts= 64-68

Total Questions 200 questions (1 mark each) Moderate

GA= 140-155


GA= 140-154

Easy to Moderate

GA= 145-160


GA= 142-155

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SSC Stenographer Exam Analysis from February 5th Examination

Here you can check the subject-wise SSC exam analysis.

Exam Analysis: English Language

The difficulty level of this section was Moderate-Difficult. We have mentioned the various topics covered in SSC Stenographer exam on 5th February 2019 in the table below;

Topics No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Sentence Improvement 10 Easy
Error Detection 10 Moderate
Idioms/Phrases 5 Difficult
Para jumbles 5 Easy to Moderate
Antonym/ Synonym 10 Difficult
Direct Indirect 10 Difficult
Active/Passive 10 Easy
Fillers 10 Easy
3 RC 15 Easy
2 Cloze test 15 Moderate
Total 100 Easy to Moderate

English Language Question Types

There were 3 RC(Reading Comprehension) and 2 cloze test in the exam.

Topics Of Reading Comprehension:

  • Travel blogger’s view on “Tourist Trap”
  • Indian Culture
  • Facts about Geography

Topics Of Cloze Test

  • Balanced Diet
  • Man and his social relationship

Exam Analysis: General Intelligence

The difficulty level of this section was easy. We have mentioned the topics asked in the 1st Shift of SSC Stenographer exam in the table below;

Topics No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Syllogism 2 Easy to Moderate
Matrix 2 Easy
Blood Relation 2 Easy
Non-Verbal (Image) 10-12 Easy
Odd one out 3-4 Easy
Direction Sense Test 2 Easy to Moderate
Analogy 4-5 Moderate
Series 7-8 Easy to Moderate
Miscellaneous 10-12 Easy to Moderate
Total 50 Easy

General Intelligence and Reasoning Question Types

  • 8-9 image type questions
  • 7 questions from analogy topic
  • 5 questions from alphabetical series and word arrangement
  • 3 questions from coding and decoding

Exam Analysis: General Awareness

In this section, General Awareness questions were asked from Current Affairs(12-15 questions).

We have mentioned all the topics asked in the SSC Stenographer exam on 5th February 2019;

Topics No. of Questions Difficulty Level
History 3-4 Moderate
Geography 4-5 Easy to Moderate
Polity 2-3 Difficult
Economics 4-5 Moderate
Biology 7-8 Easy to Moderate
Physics 5-6 Easy to Moderate
Chemistry 5-6 Easy to Moderate
Current Affairs 12-15 Easy to Moderate
Misc.(Award, Tribes, committees,etc.) 7-8 Moderate
Total 50 Easy to Moderate

General Awareness Question Types

  • Founder of kushan dynasty? Ans. Kanishka
  • Asian Games bronze medal in India
  • Flag bearer
  • Bindusar coronation year?
  • Longest bridge on which river and Bridge’s length?
  • Who got the Noble peace prize 2018?
  • Dada sahab phalke award 2018?
  • Tansen samman award was distributed in which city?
  • Ulhass related to which field? (Full name of the person not clear)
  •  One question related to dance?
  • One question related to the instrument of a particular form of dance
  • Who elects the Attorney general?
  • Who said “Swaraj mera janamsidhh adhikar h”
  • WHere is Satara located?
  • What type of soil is present in Northern plain.
  • Northernmost Himalayan range?
  • One question related to Indus- the Brahmaputra
  • Who was crowned Miss world 2017?

SSC Stenographer Exam Analysis from 6th February Examination

Here you can check the subject-wise 6th February SSC exam analysis.

Exam Analysis: General Intelligence

In the 1st shift, the following mentioned topics were asked in the General Intelligence section.

Topics No.of Questions Asked
Syllogism 2
Non-Verbal (Image) 4-5
Missing Term 4-5
Odd one out 5-6
Direction Sense Test 2
Analogy 7-8
Numerical Series 3-4
Alphabet Series 2-3
Word Arrangement 2-3
Coding Decoding 3
Mathematical Calculation 2-3
Sequence or order 2
Total 50

General Intelligence and Reasoning Question Types

  • Seating arrangement of 6 people in a circle facing center.
  • One linear seating arrangement of 7 people.
  • 8 questions from Analogy topic
  • 5 questions related to odd one out

Exam Analysis: General Awareness

Topics No.of Questions Asked
History 4-5
Geography 2
Polity 3-4
Economics 5-6
Biology 2
Physics 4-5
Chemistry 4-5
Current Affairs 10-12
Misc (Awards, Tribes, committees, etc) 3-4
Total 50

General Awareness Question Types

  • In swach bharat abhiyan which state got 3rd position?
  • Khel Ratna Award is given to which Player?
  • The winner of the Battle of Tarain?
  • The color of Sulphuric Acid?
  • Corrosion is a process of?
  • How much money was collected in the Economic Survey?
  • Arun Jaitley was replaced by whom?
  • Scientific Name of national Fruit of India?
  • GI tag is given to which Fruit?
  • Pullela Gopichand belongs to which sports?
  • Who is the Chief Justice of India 2018?
  • 2 question was asked from Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.
  • Red blood cells carries?
  • What was the duration of Slave dynasty?
  • 3-4 questions related to 1 scheme.
  • Rivadi comes on which rank in that scheme.
  • One question from painting.
  • Longest river bridge connects which two states?

Exam Analysis: English Language

Topics No.of Questions Asked
Sentence Improvement 10
Error Detection 10
Idiom/Phrases 5
Parajumble 5
Antonym/Synonym 10
Direct Indirect 10
Active Passive 10
Fillers 5
3 Reading Comprehension 15
2 Cloze Test 20
Total 100

English Language Question Types

  • There were 3 RC(Reading Comprehension) and 2 cloze test in the exam.
  • Topics Of Reading Comprehension:  Based on Tea,  Egypt King
  • The pattern of error detection: A sentence was given, 4 words were given from the sentence in the options and you have to find the error option.

SSC Stenographer Exam Analysis from 7th February Examination

General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • 50:9::?:11
  • 123:36::541 : ?

General Awareness

  • Death date of Tatya Tope?- 18 April 1859
  • inner most part of flower.
  • How many silver medal won by India in Asian Games 2018 ?Silver -24, Gold – 15, bronze -30
  • Harivansh Narayan belongs to which Party? – Janta Dal
  • Question-related to Asian Games.
  • Repo Rate & Reverse Repo rate
  • 6-8 question from sports section.
  • Which country produces the highest rubber ?- Thailand
  • Accidental PM  book is written by whom?
  • Indravati National Park is located in which state ?-Chhattisgarh
  • PMLA(Prevention of money laundering Act ) is related to which ? -Modey Laundering
  • Purpose of setu Yojana ? – Employment
  • Discovery of O2 – Joseph Priestly
  • Where is Amar Mahal Palace located ?- Jammu, It was built in 19th century by Raja Amar Singh.
  • Finance Planning.
  • SI unit of Power ?- Watt
  • 48th Indian International Film festival was held on 20-28 November 2017 in Goa.
  • 1st Anglo Afgan War is fought b/w which year -1839-42, It was fought between British East Company and Emirates of Afgan.

English Language

  • Synonym of Lucrative- Profitable, Gainful, Mediation – arbitration, intervention.
  • The phrase – Break the Ice
  • Narration: the student said to the teacher, ”Sir mark me present”,- The student respectfully the teacher to mark him present
  • Antonym of  Squindal
  • Synonym of Eminent – esteemed, important, significant.

Hope our blog has given you complete details on SSC Stenographer Exam Analysis for 2019. We will keep updating the remaining exam analysis after the completion of the exam. Buy all latest SSC Stenographer study materials for increasing your preparation levels. Stay tuned.

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