How to score 95 or more in the CBSE Class XII Chemistry on 25 March (Saturday) ?

Try to solve at least these sample papers, so that you will get idea about the type of questions asked along with time management. Do not be afraid of the subject; by repeated reading from text book and writing the answers, you can surely score better.

List of recommended reference books and sample papers has been listed below:

  1. Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers For Class 12 Chemistry (For 2017 Exams): Click Here
  2. Oswaal CBSE Question Bank With Complete Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry (For 2017 Exams): Click Here
  3. MBD Sure Shot CBSE Sample Papers Solved Class 12 Chemistry 2017: Click Here
  4. Class 12 Chemistry Solved Papers (2008-16) cum Revision Handbook with 3 Sample Papers: Click Here
  5. CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Solved Guess Paper 2016 (Set-I): Click Here
  6. CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Solved Guess Paper 2016 (Set-II): Click Here
  7. CBSE Class 12th Solved Chemistry Practice Paper 2015 (Set-II): Click Here
  8. CBSE Class 12th Solved Chemistry Practice Paper 2015 (Set-I): Click Here
  9. CBSE-Board Success Files Class 12 Chemistry with 8 Sample Papers 3rd Edition: Click Here
  10. NCERT Solutions with Exemplar/ HOTS/ Value based Questions Class 12 Chemistry (3rd Edition): Click Here
  11. MBD CBSE Super Refresher Chemistry For Class 12: Click Here
  12. Comprehensive Exam Kit Chemistry Class 12: Click Here
  13. Golden Chemistry Class XII (New Edition): Click Here

Here are some tips to score good marks in chemistry.

  • Revise the notes prepared by you all through the year. They help to memorise the subject in a systematic way.
  • Make a note of various formulas and stick them onto a wall or your study table and try to read and memorise these notes every time you pass through them.
  • Pick the basics of important topics of reasoning importance like the p block elements, the d & f block elements.
  • Go for the Raoult’s Law, Adsorption isotherm, Nernst Equation, Molar mass determination, Packing fraction etc. as they hold a major importance and are the frequently asked questions.
  • Solve atleast 1 sample questions based on the numerical topics you’ve learnt. As solving will provide you an idea on where you are going wrong and how could you improve on them.
  • Attempt as much conceptual questions on those Numericals. This will give you a clearer understanding of the topic.
  • For the Organics; revise few important and famous reactions like the Cannizzaro, Aldol, Hoffmann, Freidal Crafts Reaction, etc.
  • Go for the basics of Substitution, Elimination, Resonance, Nomenclature, etc. and on the basis of your inference solve questions from the NCERT or any other referred books.
  • Find for new questions & frequently asked questions; on the similar context from Previous Year Question paper, Sample paper and other Model test paper.
  • Always time yourself while answering the sample papers as it will help you manage time during the exam.
  • As it is the Last Moment try to revise a topic for not more than 3 times; as revising a topic which you understand less might take the toll of time for your other topics.
  • Try and finish chapters which you find easy to understand as it will boost your confidence.
  • Cover every topic of NCERT book. CBSE board exam question papers are completely based on this book.
  • Do not start a new topic at the last minute. Revise the topics which you have already completed.


Information Source: Jagran Josh


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