Sample Paper Class IX Science CBSE 2010

Sample Paper | Class IX | Science | CBSE | 2010

Sample Paper – 2010

Class – IX

Subject – Science   


Motion in a plane


                                            (Section A)                         5×1 = 5



  1. What is the distance travelled by an object in nth sec with costant velocity v.
  2. What is represented by the slope of displacement – time graph?
  3. Why electric current is a scalar quantity while it has direction.
  4. What is the profile of a projectile.
  5. Calculate hight travelled by a body in first two second of free fall.


(Section B)                                 5×2 = 10

  1. What is the ratio of the distance traveled by a body falling freely from rest in the first, second and third second of it’s falling.
  2. A ball thrown vertically upwards with the speed of 19.6 m/s from the top of the tower returns to the earth in 6 sec. Find the height of the tower.
  3. Define instantaneous acceleration.How it can be obtained graphically.
  4. What are the angle of projection of a projectile projected with velocity 15 m/s, so that horizontal range is 45m and take g = 10 m/sec 2 .

10. A planet has mass twice of earth and radius is four times of earth. Calculate acc.      due to gravity on tha planet.


(Section C)                                      2×5 =10

  1. Write the expression for the centripetal acceleration. What is the role of centripetal acceleration in motion of earth around sun.
  2. Calculate acceleration and initial velocity of a body which moves 12m in 3rd second and 18m in 4th second of motion.





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