Sainik School Cut-Off 2022 | Expected and Previous Year Cut-Off

Sainik School Exam Cut Off

Sainik School Exam Cut Off 2021: The AISSEE cut-off scores for 2022 will be released by the National Testing Agency shortly. The minimum marks required for Class 6 and 9 admissions will be included in the Sainik School cut-off marks for 2022. Students must achieve a minimum of 25% in each subject and a minimum of 40% overall. To be eligible for the medical examination, students must pass the AISSEE 2021 with a minimum Sainik School Exam Cut Off score of 2022. Read on to get complete details about the Sainik School cutoff marks for classes 6 and 9 in 2022, as well as direct link to check reservation criteria and more.

Sainik School Exam Cut Off 2022: Important Dates

Students can use the table below to look up for AISSEE Important Dates related to the Sainik School cutoff:


Sainik School Exam Cut Off Dates

All India Sainik School Entrance Exam 2022 date

09 January, 2022

AISSEE 2022 result date

February, 2022

Sainik School cut off marks 2022

February, 2022

Factors Influencing Sainik School Cutoff Marks 2022-23

The Sainik School 2022 cutoff is determined by the following variables:

  • Available state-level quota

  • The total number of students who appeared for the exam

  • Lowest marks of a Student

  • Reservation criteria

  • Maximum marks scored by a student

  • The difficulty level of the exam

Sainik School Minimum Qualifying Marks 2022-23


Minimum AISSEE Qualifying Percentage Marks

Unreserved (General)




PH (Physically Handicapped)


Sainik Schools Expected Cutoff Marks 2022-23

Category of the Candidates

AISSEE Expected Cut off marks


220 to 230


160 to 170


160 to 170


210 to 220

Sainik School Previous Year’s Cut Off Marks

It is recommended that students examine the Sainik School Exam Cut Off. This will assist students in determining whether or not they have been selected for Sainik School admission in 2022-23. As soon as the AISSEE cutoff points for 2021 are available, we will provide regular exam update on this page. In this section, you may see the Sainik School Exam Cut Off from the previous year.

Sainik School Nalanda Cutoff 2020

Class Category Cut off
Class 6 Other Defence 129
Other General 279
Home Defence 258
Home General 279
SC 249
ST 231
Class 9 Other Defence 236
Other General 280
Home Defence 318
Home General 338
SC 280
ST 158

Sainik School Satara Cutoff 2020

Class Category Cutoff
Class 6 SC 210
ST 147
Home Defence (HD) 233
Other Defence (OD) 232
HG 250
OG (UP) 221
OG (Bihar) 281
OG (WB) 199
OG (Telangana) 130
OG (MP) 221
OG (TN) 192
OG (Raj) 229
OG (KS) 211
Class 9 SC 248
ST 178
Home Defence 298
Other Defence 252
HG 304
OG 304

Sainik School Rewa Cutoff 2020

Class Category Cutoff
Class 6 General (MP) 258
Defense (MP) 257
General (Open) 207
Defense (Open) 254
SC 244
ST 196
Class 9 General (MP) 302
Defense (MP) 320
General (Open) 298
Defense (Open) 360
SC 286
ST 192

Sainik School Bijapur Cutoff 2020

Class Category Gender Cutoff
Class 6 SC Girls 235
ST Girls NIL
Defense (HD) Girls 222
Defense (OD) Girls 208
General (HG) Girls 262
General (OG) Girls 247
SC Boys 221
ST Boys 225
Defense (HD) Boys 218
Defense (OD) Boys 193
General (HG) Boys 254
General (OG) Boys 228
Class 9 SC NIL
Defense (HD) 324
Defense (OD) NIL
General (HG) 240
General (OG) 210

Sainik School Korukonda Cutoff 2020

Class Category Cutoff
Class 6 SC 215
ST 233
Defense 224
General 253
Other State 129
Class 9 SC 230
ST 220
Defense 264
General 294
Other State 270

Sainik School Jhansi 2020

Class Category Cutoff
Class 6 SC 198
ST 124
HSG 250
HSD 248
OSG (Maharashtra) 211
OSG (Bihar) 258
OSG (MP) 203
OSG (RAJ) 139
OSG (GUJ) 234
OSD 142

Sainik School Mainpuri 2020

Class Category Cutoff
Class 6 SC 220
ST 75
Home General 257
Home Defence 244
Other General 158
Other Defence 178

Sainik School Ghorakhal 2020

Class Category Gender Cutoff
Class 6 SC Boys 202
ST Boys 174
Defense (Uttarakhand) Boys 248
Uttarakhand (Gen) Boys 245
Other states (Defence) Boys 250
OG (UP) Boys 271
OG (Bihar) Boys 276
OG (West Bengal) Boys 132
OG (MP) Boys 199
OG (Rajasthan) Boys 229
OG (Tamil Nadu) Boys 222
SC Girls 222
ST Girls 242
Defense (Uttarakhand) Girls 224
Uttarakhand (Gen) Girls 233
Other states (Defence) Girls 242
Class 9 SC 230
ST 216

Defense (Uttarakhand)


Uttarakhand (Gen)


Other states (Defence)


Other states (General)


Sainik School Purulia Cutoff 2020

Class Category Cutoff
Class 6 ST 134
General (HG) 200
Defense (HD) 193
Defense (OD) 192
OG (UP) 166
OG (Bihar) 270
OG (MP) 104
OG (Rajasthan) 167

OG ( Andhra Pradesh)

OG (Odisha) 144
Class 9 SC 166
ST 156
General (HG) 220
Defense (HD) 256
Defense (OD) 264
OG (UP) 248

Sainik School Reservation Criteria 2022-23

Here you can see the exam conducting authority’s reservation criteria.




Home State Students



Boys from other states and UTs



SC (Scheduled Caste)



ST (Scheduled Tribe)



OCB (Non-Creamy Layer)



Child of service personnel including ex-servicemen



10% of the total vacancies or for Girls (For Class 6 only)

10% or 10 seats (whichever is more)

Other Important Links for Sainik School Exam 2022-23

List of Sainik Schools & Exam Centres in India

Sainik Schools Number of Seats
Sainik School Satara
Sainik School Kunjpura Class 6th- 79 Seats
Class 9th- 31 Seats
Sainik School Kapurthala
Sainik School Balachadi Class 6th- 80 Seats
Class 9th- 40 Seats
Sainik School Chittorgarh Class 6th- 100 Seats
Class 9th- 10 Seats
Sainik School Korukonda Class 6th- 60 Seats
Class 9th- 20 Seats
Sainik School Kazhakootam Class 6th- 80 Seats
Class 9th- 10 Seats
Sainik School Purulia Class 6th- 66 Seats
Class 9th- 14 Seats
Sainik School Bhubaneswar Class 6th- Approx. 100 seats
Class 6th- Nil
Sainik School Amaravathinagar Class 6th- 90 seats
Class 9th- 06 seats
Sainik School Rewa Class 6th- 70 Seats
Class 9th- 15 Seats
Sainik School Tilaiya Class 6th- 120 Seats
Class 9th- 20 Seats
Sainik School Bijapur Class 6th- 95 Seats
Class 9th- 5 Seats
Sainik School Goalpara
Sainik School Ghorakhal Class 6th- 65 Seats
Class 9th- 20 Seats
Sainik School Nagrota
Sainik School, Imphal
Sainik School Sujanpur Tira
Sainik School Nalanda Class 6: 70 seats
Class 9: 20 seats
Sainik School, Gopalganj Class 6: 70 seats (Approx.)
Class 9: 12 seats (Approx.)
Sainik School Punglwa Class 6: 110 seats
Class 9: 20 seats
Sainik School Kodagu
Sainik School Ambikapur Class 6th- 100 boys
class 9th- 25 boys
Sainik School Rewari Class 6th- 90 boys
class 9th- 20 boys
Sainik School Kalikiri
Sainik School ChhingChhip Class 6- 63 boys & 7 girls
Class 9- 10 Boys

We have covered everything related to “Sainik School Exam Cut Off 2022”. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask any queries in the comment section below.

FAQs on Sainik School Exam Cut Off

When will the Sainik School Exam Cut Off marks for the year 2022 be released?

The Sainik School Exam Cut Off will be announced soon.

Will I get selected if my name appears in the Sainik School Cutoff for 2022?

After being shortlisted in the written exam, applicants must attend the second phase, which includes a medical examination.

What are the factors affecting Sainik School Exam Cut Off marks?

Go through the above blog for the list of factors affecting Sainik School Exam Cut Off marks.

Have the Sainik Schools begun to accept female students?

Yes, the Sainik Schools have begun accepting female students for their courses. Currently, only Class 6 admissions are permitted.

What is the total number of questions in the Sainik School entrance exam for 6th grade?

The total number of questions for the 6th-grade entrance exam for Sainik School is 150.

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