RTU Previous Year Question Papers BE Civil Engineering Surveying-II Dec 2011

RTU Previous Year Question Papers BE Civil Engineering

Fifth Semester Surveying-II Dec 2011


1 (a) An ISMC 300 is used to transmit a factored load of,800 kN. The channel section is connected to a gusset plate 12 mm thick as shown in Fig. 2. Design a fillet weld, if the overlap is limited to 280 mm. Use slot welds if necessary.


(b) Determine the size of the bolts required to connect the bracket (supporting a crane girder) to the column shown in fig. 3.



2    A column in a building is 4 m in height. Its bottom end is fixed and top end is hinged. The reaction load due to the beam is 550 kN at an eccentricity of 60 mm from the major axis of the section. Check whether ISHB 300 @0.58 kN/m section is adequate.


2 (a) A single angle section ISA 100 x 100 x 10 is used to carry axial compression P. It is connected at the ends by means of three bolts of 20 mmf Find the maximum force P resisted by the section for a length of 2.5 m.

(b) A built up section of column in a building consists of two

sections ISMB 300 placed side by side at centre to centre distance 225 mm. Design end and intermediate batten plates, if the column is carrying an axial load of 850 kN. Effective length of the column about both axes is 5 m.


3    Design a laterally unrestrained beam to carry a uniformly distributed load of 20 kN/m. The beam is unsupported for a length of 3.5 m and is simply placed on longitudinal beams at its ends.


3    Design a laterally supported beam of effective span 6.5 m for the following data : Grade of steel – Fe410

Maximum bending moment, M = 200 kNm

Maximum shear force, V = 270 kN

If the case falls under ‘high shear’, apply appropriate checks for design bending strength. Check for deflection is not required.


4. A column ISHB 300 carries an axial compressive factored load of 1100 kN. Design a suitable welded gussetted base. The base rests on M15 grade of concrete.


4. Design an I-section truss member for the following data :

Length of the member, L = 3.2 m, factored axial tension = 400 kN; factored moment at the two ends of the member about strong axis, Mz = 30 KNm and 20 KNm, respectively. Steel Grade Fe410.


(a) Determine the plastic and elastic section moduluii, and the shape factor of the I section shown in fig.4.

(b) Determine the collapse load of the fixed beam as shown in Fig-5.



Fig. 5

(a) Compute the collapse load for the portal frame as shown in Fig. 6.

(b) Given fy = 250 N/mm2 and the value of Zp for columns AB and DE Equal to 1100 x 103 mm3 and that for the member BD as 2200 x 103 mm3.


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