RTU Previous Question Papers BE ME Orientated Programming in C++ January 2013

RTU Previous Question Papers BE ME

Orientated Programming in C++ January 2013

1. What do you understand by bottom up approach ? Differentiate top down and bottom up approach with examples.


1. (a) Explain advantages and disadvantages of object oriented programming.

(b) Explain the following with examples:

(i) Class

(ii) Object

(iii) Method


2. (a) What do you mean by operator overloading ? Write a program to illustrate the overloading of “+” operator.

(b) What are the enhancement in C++ over C ? Discuss With respect to following- :

(i) Data types

(ii) Variables


2. (a) What do you mean by scope of a variable ? Explain call by value and call by reference with example,

(b) What is incline function ? Write a program which finds area of triangle and square root of a number by using inline function.


3. (a) What is ‘this’ pointer ? What is its importance in C++- ?

(b) Write a function in ‘C++’ to read 10 number from file ‘date.in’, arrange them in a file ascending order and output arranged in a file ‘data out’.


3. (a) Why we need virtual function ? Describe the various rules for writing a virtual function.

(b) Describe Inheritance Hierarchy in detail.


4. (a) What are class templates ? Explain with example.

b. How class template be used with inheritance ? Explain by giving suitable example.


4.(a) What is file processing in C++ ? Explain file and stream classes with suitable example.

(b) Explain all types of iterators in C++.


5. (a) Write an algorithm to insert and delete an element in a double linked list.

(b) What is priority queue ? Implement it with double linked list.


5. (a) How stack can be used for parenthesis matching ? Explain with suitable example.

(b) Explain following :

(i)  Link list Vs. Array

(ii) Circular list Vs. Doubly linked list.

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