RTU Previous Question Papers BE ME 5th Semester Industrial Engineering Dec-2011

RTU Previous Question Papers BE ME 5th Semester

Industrial Engineering Dec-2011


1  (a) Discuss the contribution of Henri Foyol.

(b) Discuss decision making in an organization. Discuss its stages also.


1  (a) Differentiate administration and management. Discuss different levels of management.

(b) What is scientific management ? Differentiate scientific and traditional management ?


2  (a) Discuss comparative evaluation between partnership and joint stock company.

(b) What is organization ? Discuss line staff organization, also discuss its advantages and disadvantages.


2. (a) What is span of control ? Discuss factors on which it depends and unity of command.

(b) Compare private limited companies and public limited companies.


3. (a) Discuss significance of financial ratios as tool of decision­ making. What are the limitations of ratio analysis ?

(b) A manufacturer of hand drills sells a drill for Rs. 2000/-. The various annual expenses are as follows :

Material cost = Rs. 50,000/-

Labour cost = Rs. 25,000/-

Cost of motor for each drill = Rs. 1,000/-

Factory overhead 40% of prime cost

Total office expenses 10% of factory cost

Calculate the profit on each drill if annual production is 5,000 units.


3.  (a) Prepare a profit and loss statement for Rajasthan Chemicals unit on the basis of following datas (in lacs). Show profit after tax for company.

Net sales = 1,300

Tax rate = 15% of taxable profit

Interest income = 20%

Factory overheads =110 Interest = 190

Material and layout expenses = 400 Marketing expenses = 160 Penalty for pat violation = 10 Gain from sale of old plant = 30 Administrative overheads = 130 Dividend = 8%

Equity capital = 900

Determine gross profit, operating profit, profit before interest and tax (PBIT) and PAT for company.

(b) Discuss ordinary and preference shares.


4. (a) A company wishes to accumulate Rs. 10,000 by making equal annual deposits over a period of 5 years. If the money will earn interest at the rate of 4% per annum what must the annual payment be ?

(b) What is depreciation ? What are the various methods of depreciation ?


(a) Explain capital recovery annuity, present worth and sinking fund annuity methods.

(b) A motorcycle was purchased for Rs. 30,000/-. Its life was estimated as 10 years and the scrap value of Rs. 7,500 using the reducing balance method. Calculate :

(i) Depreciation present

(ii) Depreciation fund at the end of two years


5. (a) What is profit sharing ? Discuss different fringe benefits.

(b) Why labour legislation is important ? Discuss Payment of Wages Act.


(a) How disputes are settled ? Discuss different dispute settling methods.

(b) Discuss Workman’s Compensation Act.

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